31 July 2013

Picture Diary / 29-31 July / Selfies

1. *almost twins* No, but really. I don't know how much I've actually told you about Sara, or if I only think that I have, but we're really close in age (I'm 20 months older), so most of the time it feels as if we're twins. Anyway, we're besties for life.

2. Somehow I've ended up looking exactly how I didn't want to look six years ago. Funny how things turn out, isn't it?

3. I walked through the sun and the rain. Quite literally. 

4. You get one quess on which is my favourite pair of sunnies this summer. Also, let me tell you something: 200g of extra hair on your head is fucking painful after a few hours.

And speaking of... well, yours truly,  I was interviewed by the very lovely Brazilian blogger Jaqueline Illoz for her blog TrashyVogue.com! You can read the interview here. It's in Portuguese, but if you google translate it, it's pretty alright anyway. So go do that!

Malin out.

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