28 July 2013


Outfit credits: Bikbok sunglasses and top, H&M skirt, Gina Tricot earrings, DIY headband.

It was so freaking hot today I could literally not do anything. I tried cleaning, taking outfit photos, writing, reading, and so on, but after like a minute I just I can't do this, I can't function. LUCKY FOR YOU, one photo still turned out usable. I was experimenting with hairstyles, which was also a bad idea, because I ended up burning myself on the curling iron on my fingers and forehead. It turned out much like I wanted it though, but of course it was to hot to wear it longer than five minutes. 

Malin out.

ps. Why is it that when you put a playlist on shuffle on the music player on your iPhone, that the first song you play then never plays again, even if you have the list on repeat? Fucking annoying. ds.

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