15 July 2013


If you follow me on twitter (which you should, 'cause I'm hilarious and not annoying at all), you know I'm blonde again. Mostly because I got sick having to match the pink. I managed to get back my white, silvery shade without any hastle. If you want to know I use Schwarzkopf Brilliance 818 Icy Pearl Blonde, and then silver shampoo for about 20 minutes in the next wash. But the Blonde shades in the Brilliance line is not bleach, just regular dye, so it only works if you already have light hair.

With blonde hair, a tan, and my new bright pink lipstick from Primark I look a bit like a Barbie doll. Or a Skipper doll, as Malvina and I concluded at the mall earlier. I'm too sassy for Barbie.

If you follow me on twitter you have probably also heard about my collarbone (or rather the flesh around it) that's gone crazy on me and swelled up, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Like really, we have no idea what happened. It was increadibly painful for a couple of days and I had to take painkillers to be able to move my shoulder, then the pain lessened drastically (it's very faint now, almost gone), but it remains just as swollen. Super weird. You can almost tell in these pictures (especially the second one). I'm starting to wonder if my collarbones were always this uneven, and that I just didn't notice until now...

And I'm also just casually showing of my Voyager DVDs in the background. Totally not planned. 

Malin out. 

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