25 July 2013

Too real

Outfit credits: H&M tee, Monki denim shorts, ebay bag, jacket from some random shop in Paris (it's the one with the Lady Gaga V magazine cover printed on the back), Skopunkten boots, assorted jewellery.

Feels like I'm wearing variations of the same outfit every day. Which I'm not, I notice as I look at my recent outfit posts. Curious. This is the best summer we've had in Sweden for years. I mean, today it's been raining but I'm still wearing shorts. 

Can't wear my hair down because I hate the length of it so much that I have to chant to myself every morning "don't cut it, don't cut it, don't cut it". This always happens when I try to grow my hair long again, which is why I always fail to do so. But this time I won't let my hair-OCD get the better of me! Besides, I have new extensions on the way.

Also, love this tee from H&M, because the print is about as inaccurate in relation to me that it's almost accurate. Very meta.

Another thing that has happened since my last blog post is that I've watched all available episodes of NTSF:SD:SUV:: (I finally got the hang of the name just now). I started watching it because of Kate Mulgrew (obviously), but it's honestly hilarious. So a shout out to my irl friends: I need you to watch this asap, so I can make references that you'll understand! You can do it, there are only 27 episodes so far, and they're about 11min long! That's less than 5h (approximately), which is something I find reasonable for you to spend on our friendship!

Malin out!

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