31 August 2013


I had a beef with my extensions before I left, they were driving me crazy, so I'll probably be rocking this kinda-bob-style for a while now. Like it very mucho, to be honest.
Awesome new tee from Pull & Bear. I have plans for a 'new in' post with my Budapest shopping in the near future!

I want Langos. 

Malin out.

30 August 2013

Picture Diary / 26-27 Aug / Budapest pt1

1. After arriving at the hotel, just before heading out in the city for the first time.

2. Dinner at Hard Rock, because it's tradition. We got to pick some music (five songs). They laughed at me when I picked Lady Gaga, but what can you do. I got so excited when it came on I almost broke into tears, and they laughed even more at me, and it was real awkward.

3. Really wanted this jacket at Bershka, but it didn't fit right, so I had to settle for this picture of it.

4. We lived in the Buda area, just by the Matthias Church, and walked past it every night when it was lit up like this and it almost looked like a castle at Disneyland.

5. Széchenyi thermal bath, outside pools.

6. Széchenyi thermal bath, inside pools.

7. My first Langos. It was delish.

8. St Stephen's Basilica. It was the second evening, when we drove past this with with a sightseeing bus, and listened to a Swedish audioguide, and they kept saying 'Basilikan' (Swedish for 'the Basilica') in every other sentence, and we couldn't stop laughing because we kept thinking of the plant, and it just sounded so bizarre. We were tired and hungry and probably really annoying.

9. One of the many beautiful buildings.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Malin out.

Home again!

It was a really great trip. Budapest is such a beautiful city, I had no idea! This was my first time in an Eastern European country (though, Sara has been to both Croatia and Moldova). If you're travelling in Europe I absolutely recommend you visit Budapest. It's supposedly one of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world, and it's definitely one of my top ten so far (and I've been in a lot of cities, so trust me). And our last moments there included this beautiful rainbow!

Gonna post a picture diary in two parts later!

Malin out!

25 August 2013

Picture Diary / 18-25 August / Wanderlust

1. This dress from Motel, though. I wore it out yesterday, but we were in such a hurry to leave so there was no time for outfit photos. Promise you it looked fab!

2. Another super fab dress from Motel. Adore them so much for sending me these incredible pieces!

3. VOYAGEEEER. No really, I was making a test sketch to see if I could make a crude and small drawing where the ship was still recognisable for future tattoo references.

4. Dark and difficult like there's no tomorrow. U know me.

6.  BYEEE!

(I'll be back by next weekend, follow me on instagram for updates when I'm away.)

Malin out.

23 August 2013

This town

Outfit credits: Weekday t-shirt, H&M hat and sweater, Loveclothing.com disco pants, vintage shoes, sunnies from random shop in London.

The joy of life is when I realise there's a new episode of NTSF:SD:SUV:: out today. 

Malin out. 

22 August 2013

True, it's a beautiful view, but you know they're gonna set it on fire when they feel like something new.

Great hair-evening, but without purpose. Lovin' them White Lies. Gonna finish the episode of Voyager I started this afternoon, and then watch Easy A.

20 August 2013


Outfit credits: Motel Rocks denim dress, Gina tricot shirt, H&M sunnies, Skopunkten boots, assorted jewellery.

Loving this Motel dress like crazy, along with a black, silky one I got as well (I've posted a pic of it on my instagram). Always been a Motel fan, just sad I never got hold of that poppy bodycon dress they had a while back. If anyone happens to have it in a S or XS and wouldn't mind to be permanently parted from it, please let me know!

My sister Sara has gotten herself a lookbook page, and you should all check it out! Personally I love her style, even though it's nothing like my own.

Malin out.

ps. Hope you like my new header. I think it's awesomesauce. ds.

19 August 2013

Lady Gaga Applause music video

She never disappoints me. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this. I kinda cried. Apparently there's two things that makes me very emotional these days: Seven of Nine t-shirts and Lady Gaga music videos.

17 August 2013


Outfit credits: Jacket from some shop in Paris, bsclly.com tee, Gina Tricot skirt, H&M sunnies, skopunkten boots, assorted jewellery.

Got this awesome tee from the super sweet people at bsclly. It's a brand new print and it's available in their web shop as of today! And they've got other cool prints as well, go check it out! 

Malin out. 

16 August 2013

Picture Diary / 15-16 August / Fest

1. Shirt of d00m. I can't even.

2. Eyeliner is suddenly appealing again.

3. I didn't wear the shirt of d00m today. I'm sorry if you saw me and were expecting it an was disappointed. I wore this cool tee from bsclly.com instead. Outfit photos will be up for you tomorrow!

4. Sanna is moving away from her little hole in the ground to Stockholm in the very near future.  So we had a Friday-date (we've been having Friday-dates for years, but usually not on an actual Friday. It is highly likely that some time many years ago the first Friday-date was on a Friday, though, and thereof the name) at the Malmö Festival that is this week, because we have our BFF-anniversary during that festival. After a long discussing we concluded that it's our eighth anniversary this year, and we got ourselves Best Friends necklaces with dolphins at the festiva, because we're so soft grunge.

5. I almost had a heart attack at McDonald's when we in unison suddenly realised my birthday is 7/9. Do you get it? It's a sign. I mean what are the odds that my first girl crush ever has the same name as my birthday? Cray.

6. This is why we're best friends. And look at that lil pic of me, real adorable.

Malin out.

ps. Here's a link to my ig page. Noticed I didn't have one in my link-list in the menu, but it's there now! Don't be a stranger and follow me! ds.

15 August 2013

Seven of Nine

Outfit credits: Ebay tee, H&M leggings/pants (I honestly don't know which it is), sunglasses and hat, Topshop backpack, Skopunkten boots, assorted rings.

OMG GUYS THIS T-SHIRT THOUGH. I mean seriously, do you understand how incredibly awesome it is? It arrived in the mail this morning, I cried little tears of joy and excitement when I unpacked it. Then I couldn't bear to even look at it for about fifteen minutes, because it's just too good to be real, and I couldn't handle it. I've been obsessed with it since I found it on an ebay auction about a week ago. I knew I had to make it mine, no matter the cost (which turned out not being very high at all). It's a fucking Borg/Seven of Nine print! I don't want to wear anything else ever again. Haha, I know I'm being really weird about it, I mean, it's just a t-shirt. But it's not, because it has SEVEN OF FUCKING NINE ON IT! *starts crying again*

Haha I'm sorry. Over to something completely different: I'm kinda stuck on the house tour thing. I keep putting it off, because I'm uncertain of how to do it. I would like for someone to film it with me, kinda follow me around as I tell you about stuff, but I don't know. I don't know who could film it, without it being really awkward for me. But it also seems pretty silly for me to just walk around with a camera myself. But I do want it to be a video, because pictures doesn't really show things the way they are. And I still want to do it this week, but I might not be able to. But yeah. One way or another I'll make it happen.

Malin out.

14 August 2013

What do you think your mother would say of what you've done?

Outfit credits: DIY denim jacket (originally from Gina Tricot, but would be unrecognisable), Missguided dress, H&M sunglasses, Comme des Fuckdown beanie, Skopunkten boots, assorted jewellery.

13 August 2013

I didn't go far and I came home

Some of you guys wanted me to do a house tour, so I probably will at some point this week. I want to make it as a video, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna talk in it or not. We'll see.

I'm taking a break from Star Trek, because I can't figure out which episode to watch next, so tonight I'm watching some chick flicks. I'm in that mood.

Malin out.

12 August 2013


I made a gif of Borg cubes exploading because I can. I finished season 3 last night, and it was kinda anticlimactic. Scorpion pt1 was a much better episode than I had anticipated, though. I also realised that I have already seen pretty much all of season 4. So now I'm uncertain how to proceed.

I filled in a list because I felt like it. Now you can know stuff about me, enjoy:

Most recent
Song you heard: Applause - Lady Gaga
Movie you saw: Whip It
Food you ate: Bruchetta
Person you hugged: Mom, I think.
Feeling: heart attack (my phone made a noice and scared the crap outta me)
Fight: I don't fight, I avoid.
Trip: Scotland.
Joy: I won this ebay auction of a insanely cool tee last night.
Longing: I wanna go to the Star Trek convention is Las Vegas, like real bad.
Dream: I know it was about Voyager characters, and we were on a quest, but I don't remember for what.
Person you met: My mom.
Time outside: I crossed the yard to get to my parents house.

x or y:
City or countryside: City
Hamburger or pizza: This is the hardest choice ever.
Meat or fish: Meat, I don't really eat fish.
Dog or cat: Cat generally, but I kinda want a dog right now.
McDonalds or Burger King: MD for fries, BK for burgers.
Wine or beer: Neither, I don't drink.
Sun or snow for a holiday: SUN
Native country or abroad: I have to say that this is a pretty good country to live in.
Summer or winter: Summer

Five things you always keep in your fridge:
- Soda
- Milk
- Pizza topping (garlic/onion flavor)
- Pizza topping (tomato/oregano flavor)
- Butter
(I REALLY like pizza topping, alright?)

Four things you can't be without:
- Music when I'm travelling
- Chips
- Soda
- Shower

Three things you won't eat:
- Octopus
- Shrimps
-Anything else that resides in the sea (except salmon)

Two things that makes you happy:
- New/good episodes of TV-shows

- Shopping

One thing you do several times a week: 
Sit at home alone by the computer, watching TV-shows, tumblring and reading fanfiction. And I fucking love it. It I don't do it often enough I get angsty. For real. 

Malin out.

11 August 2013

Miss Mary Quite Contrary

My bedroom, after the redecoration. Naturally I don't have any recent before photos, but it was something like this (third pic). Mostly it's just the colours that have changed. Funny how my taste in interior design is about the opposite of what I like in fashion. My entire flat is solely in white and pastels.

I feel like I should do a house tour. Should I do a house tour? Yes? No? Yes?

Malin out. 

10 August 2013

Tis the season 4

I'm sorry for not blogging and being lame, guys, I really am. I want to do outfit posts, but I haven't been anywhere other than grocery shopping for the past few days. I've been repainting and redecorating my bedroom. I did it on a whim, and I just finished this afternoon. My walls were blue, as you may know, but what you might not know is that I really don't like blue (bully for me that I have blue eyes). I've hated that shade since before I even moved into this flat, but when I did that I already had to repaint the kitchen and living room, and I couldn't be bothered with that too at the time. But NOW, NOW IT'S GONE. It's pastel pink/white now. Real candy bubblegum girly barbie. I love it. I'm gonna see if I can take some pictures for you tomorrow. I have allergies now, though. Redecorating is bound to bring out shitloads of dust, and no part of my body handles that very well. Especially not my face.

I'm at the end of season 3 of Voyager now. Finally. Jeri Ryan/Seven of Nine doesn't join the cast until season 4, and we all know that she (along with my precious captain) is my favourite since always. There's a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas right now and I'm crying a bit over not being there. It's not fair that the US has monopoly on all the cool things.

I drink Pepsi from a wine glass. So judge me.

Malin out.

08 August 2013

Picture Diary / 6-8 August / *gasp* THE BORG!

I desperately wanted to blog but I didn't know about what, because I'm spending the remaining part of my summer vacation watching Star Trek Voyager in order, from beginning to end. So here's a kinda-but-not-really themed picture diary:

1. Sometime when I take selfies I can pretend I don't have bangs. 

2.  I was gonna walk in the rain by myself, in my new sneakers from H&M, eating a Subway cookie and drink Pepsi Max. But then it stopped raining. Disapointing, but I walked 6,5km anyway. 

3. Obsessed with this song. And Attracting Flies, Your Drums You Love and Lost and Found.

4. I love Dolphins. Lovisa hadn't watched Flipper, so I made her do it. We didn't finish it 'cause she got ill. Doesn't matter to me because I already know how it ends, but bully for her. I still cried though.

5. They had a luau and I re-evaluated my life choices. I concluded that my priorities are in perfect order.

6. Great new album from great band. You should all listen to them. 

7.  I know that most of you who follow my blog don't really care about this stuff, but this was the first time Voyager encountered a Borg cube (in s03e17), and I had a moment. I kinda think of them as my family in my previous life. I'm not weird.
8. Janeway decided they had to go into the Borg cube, because obviously that's the way to proceed when you come across a spaceship of a kinda evil species that wants to make everyone into cyborgs, that has been abandoned for an unknown reason. It makes so much sense when she says it.

Malin out.