12 August 2013


I made a gif of Borg cubes exploading because I can. I finished season 3 last night, and it was kinda anticlimactic. Scorpion pt1 was a much better episode than I had anticipated, though. I also realised that I have already seen pretty much all of season 4. So now I'm uncertain how to proceed.

I filled in a list because I felt like it. Now you can know stuff about me, enjoy:

Most recent
Song you heard: Applause - Lady Gaga
Movie you saw: Whip It
Food you ate: Bruchetta
Person you hugged: Mom, I think.
Feeling: heart attack (my phone made a noice and scared the crap outta me)
Fight: I don't fight, I avoid.
Trip: Scotland.
Joy: I won this ebay auction of a insanely cool tee last night.
Longing: I wanna go to the Star Trek convention is Las Vegas, like real bad.
Dream: I know it was about Voyager characters, and we were on a quest, but I don't remember for what.
Person you met: My mom.
Time outside: I crossed the yard to get to my parents house.

x or y:
City or countryside: City
Hamburger or pizza: This is the hardest choice ever.
Meat or fish: Meat, I don't really eat fish.
Dog or cat: Cat generally, but I kinda want a dog right now.
McDonalds or Burger King: MD for fries, BK for burgers.
Wine or beer: Neither, I don't drink.
Sun or snow for a holiday: SUN
Native country or abroad: I have to say that this is a pretty good country to live in.
Summer or winter: Summer

Five things you always keep in your fridge:
- Soda
- Milk
- Pizza topping (garlic/onion flavor)
- Pizza topping (tomato/oregano flavor)
- Butter
(I REALLY like pizza topping, alright?)

Four things you can't be without:
- Music when I'm travelling
- Chips
- Soda
- Shower

Three things you won't eat:
- Octopus
- Shrimps
-Anything else that resides in the sea (except salmon)

Two things that makes you happy:
- New/good episodes of TV-shows

- Shopping

One thing you do several times a week: 
Sit at home alone by the computer, watching TV-shows, tumblring and reading fanfiction. And I fucking love it. It I don't do it often enough I get angsty. For real. 

Malin out.

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