16 August 2013

Picture Diary / 15-16 August / Fest

1. Shirt of d00m. I can't even.

2. Eyeliner is suddenly appealing again.

3. I didn't wear the shirt of d00m today. I'm sorry if you saw me and were expecting it an was disappointed. I wore this cool tee from bsclly.com instead. Outfit photos will be up for you tomorrow!

4. Sanna is moving away from her little hole in the ground to Stockholm in the very near future.  So we had a Friday-date (we've been having Friday-dates for years, but usually not on an actual Friday. It is highly likely that some time many years ago the first Friday-date was on a Friday, though, and thereof the name) at the Malmö Festival that is this week, because we have our BFF-anniversary during that festival. After a long discussing we concluded that it's our eighth anniversary this year, and we got ourselves Best Friends necklaces with dolphins at the festiva, because we're so soft grunge.

5. I almost had a heart attack at McDonald's when we in unison suddenly realised my birthday is 7/9. Do you get it? It's a sign. I mean what are the odds that my first girl crush ever has the same name as my birthday? Cray.

6. This is why we're best friends. And look at that lil pic of me, real adorable.

Malin out.

ps. Here's a link to my ig page. Noticed I didn't have one in my link-list in the menu, but it's there now! Don't be a stranger and follow me! ds.

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