30 August 2013

Picture Diary / 26-27 Aug / Budapest pt1

1. After arriving at the hotel, just before heading out in the city for the first time.

2. Dinner at Hard Rock, because it's tradition. We got to pick some music (five songs). They laughed at me when I picked Lady Gaga, but what can you do. I got so excited when it came on I almost broke into tears, and they laughed even more at me, and it was real awkward.

3. Really wanted this jacket at Bershka, but it didn't fit right, so I had to settle for this picture of it.

4. We lived in the Buda area, just by the Matthias Church, and walked past it every night when it was lit up like this and it almost looked like a castle at Disneyland.

5. Széchenyi thermal bath, outside pools.

6. Széchenyi thermal bath, inside pools.

7. My first Langos. It was delish.

8. St Stephen's Basilica. It was the second evening, when we drove past this with with a sightseeing bus, and listened to a Swedish audioguide, and they kept saying 'Basilikan' (Swedish for 'the Basilica') in every other sentence, and we couldn't stop laughing because we kept thinking of the plant, and it just sounded so bizarre. We were tired and hungry and probably really annoying.

9. One of the many beautiful buildings.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Malin out.

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