08 August 2013

Picture Diary / 6-8 August / *gasp* THE BORG!

I desperately wanted to blog but I didn't know about what, because I'm spending the remaining part of my summer vacation watching Star Trek Voyager in order, from beginning to end. So here's a kinda-but-not-really themed picture diary:

1. Sometime when I take selfies I can pretend I don't have bangs. 

2.  I was gonna walk in the rain by myself, in my new sneakers from H&M, eating a Subway cookie and drink Pepsi Max. But then it stopped raining. Disapointing, but I walked 6,5km anyway. 

3. Obsessed with this song. And Attracting Flies, Your Drums You Love and Lost and Found.

4. I love Dolphins. Lovisa hadn't watched Flipper, so I made her do it. We didn't finish it 'cause she got ill. Doesn't matter to me because I already know how it ends, but bully for her. I still cried though.

5. They had a luau and I re-evaluated my life choices. I concluded that my priorities are in perfect order.

6. Great new album from great band. You should all listen to them. 

7.  I know that most of you who follow my blog don't really care about this stuff, but this was the first time Voyager encountered a Borg cube (in s03e17), and I had a moment. I kinda think of them as my family in my previous life. I'm not weird.
8. Janeway decided they had to go into the Borg cube, because obviously that's the way to proceed when you come across a spaceship of a kinda evil species that wants to make everyone into cyborgs, that has been abandoned for an unknown reason. It makes so much sense when she says it.

Malin out.

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