15 August 2013

Seven of Nine

Outfit credits: Ebay tee, H&M leggings/pants (I honestly don't know which it is), sunglasses and hat, Topshop backpack, Skopunkten boots, assorted rings.

OMG GUYS THIS T-SHIRT THOUGH. I mean seriously, do you understand how incredibly awesome it is? It arrived in the mail this morning, I cried little tears of joy and excitement when I unpacked it. Then I couldn't bear to even look at it for about fifteen minutes, because it's just too good to be real, and I couldn't handle it. I've been obsessed with it since I found it on an ebay auction about a week ago. I knew I had to make it mine, no matter the cost (which turned out not being very high at all). It's a fucking Borg/Seven of Nine print! I don't want to wear anything else ever again. Haha, I know I'm being really weird about it, I mean, it's just a t-shirt. But it's not, because it has SEVEN OF FUCKING NINE ON IT! *starts crying again*

Haha I'm sorry. Over to something completely different: I'm kinda stuck on the house tour thing. I keep putting it off, because I'm uncertain of how to do it. I would like for someone to film it with me, kinda follow me around as I tell you about stuff, but I don't know. I don't know who could film it, without it being really awkward for me. But it also seems pretty silly for me to just walk around with a camera myself. But I do want it to be a video, because pictures doesn't really show things the way they are. And I still want to do it this week, but I might not be able to. But yeah. One way or another I'll make it happen.

Malin out.


  1. Love this outfit. I NEED a t-shirt like that.