30 September 2013

If I could sell my sorry soul, I could have it all

Outfit credits: Monki coat, Gina Tricot denim shirt and bodycon dress, ebay beanie, Famous Ape sunnies, Budapest market backpack, Dr Martens boots. 

I can almost get my fringe to stay behind my ears now, yay!

29 September 2013

Sometimes you look through your photobooth pictures and you wonder about the meaning of life

I've been watching the cat for the past few days, while my family has been away (Dad's home now though, so I don't have him no mo). And I've gotten really into snapbacks. So that Unif tee of mine has been very accurate lately.

I'm sorry, I'm just so white, so weird and such a girl.

Soon... Soon you'll get to see my new tattoo. I've been trying and failing at taking sneak-peak photos for you. But you can see a tiny bit of it on some of my instagram selfies! So you can always check that out, if you fancy more of my face. Yeah.

Malin out.

28 September 2013

And cats too

Outfit credits: Unif tee, Levis shorts, H&M scarf and sweater, Famous Ape sunnies. DIY denim vest, Budapest market backpack.

26 September 2013

New in / other stuff

Gina Tricot (DIY) denim shirt, Famous Ape sunglasses, UNIF/Famous Ape muscle tee.

It was pay day yesterday, which tricks my mind into thinking that I've got an unlimited amount of money, which then naturally leads to shopping.

Sorry guys, that I have been shit at blogging so far this week! I know I don't actually have to blog every day, but I always feel so bad when I don't. Feels a bit like it's my job, and I'm not doing it when I'm not doing it (great sentence there). But you know, I've been working Monday/Wednesday and I've got shitloads of stuff to read/write/comment on this week, so bloggning ends up not being a priority. However, I am checking out some options to be able to make it so (I'll get back to you on that when/if it clears up). 

But I've got two sort-of-minor-announcements to make. The first is that I created another blog. You can find it at http://malkind.blogspot.com. It's not like this blog. More like all the things that this blog is not. Sort of about politics, in a way. Because it's going to be where I write the things and opinions I feel like sharing on stuff that happens in the world and my life. And everything eventually boils down to politics, doesn't it? I'm not asking you to read it or follow it, and I'm not telling you not to, I'm just informing you of its existence, in case someone is interested. 

The second is that I made my fifth tattoo today. If you follow me on twitter you may already know this and what the motive is (in fact I think I might even have posted the original sketch I made for it a while ago). It's by my other tattoos on my arm, and it's still wrapped in plastic. When it has healed better you'll get to see it. I'm super psyched about it, though! It turned out SO great!

I'm making baked potatoes and I have no idea if I'm doing it right. Living on the edge.

Malin out.

23 September 2013

A Matter of Time

Outfit credits: Monki denim jacket, H&M scarf and bodycon dress, Carlings beanie, ebay long dress cardigan thingy, Dr Martens boots, Budapest market backpack.

21 September 2013

Picture Diary / 14-19 Sep / Follow me

1. Sara took pictures of me taking pictures of myself, and they ended up being better than the ones I took myself. Story of life, the cheese is trapped.

2. Cray fish party. Even though I don't eat cray fish. But I kinda won Clue.

3. Celebrated Lovisa's gold medal in the Swedish Cup 1 (in taekwondo) by buying her milkshake. Only about a week left 'til she completes in the European Junior Championships. Crazy. My little baby. Such a ninja.

4. May or may not have eaten all of that myself.

5. Finally watched Dragon's Teeth. It wasn't about Chakotay. But lots of Seven and Janeway, so it was absolutely worth my while.

6. Been wearing these Dr Martens boots almost ever day since I got them. They were a birthday present from my parents. Still gotta do that haul...

Malin out.

20 September 2013

No Light, No Light

Outfit credits: Vintage turtle neck sweater, H&M skater dress and sunglasses, Dr Martens boots, eBay moon necklace, backpack form market in Budapest.

18 September 2013


If you know me at all you know I hate being light blonde. So I dyed fake roots again. This may be very close to my natural hair colour (but probably a bit too dark). I feel much better with slightly darker hair. And I also like when it's in different shades, like an ombre. As long as it's not yellow/gold-blonde, of course.

I have another outfit video in preparation for you. It might be up sometime tomorrow, or friday, depending on if I have time. I'm pretty behind in my planned posts. I was gonna do this "I've dyed my hair yolo" post yesterday, but I feel asleep after work, and didn't wake up until 2100. And don't we all know that when you sleep the whole evening and then wake up when it's already kinda late, you might as well just give up on trying to get anything done. So I did, and watched Star Trek until I feel asleep again. Which now leads to me being a bit behind. But it'll be fine. Posts are coming. Eventually.

Malin out.

16 September 2013

Getting Even

Outfit credits: H&M/DIY crop top, Dr Denim jeans, Carlings shirt, Fjllräven Kånken backpack, Famous Ape sunglasses, Dr Martens boots.

My first attempt at an outfit video. I've been thinking about doing one for a while, but this really was just a in the moment decision, so it's not really that advanced. I just wanted to see if I could do it, and it turned out alright. So if I make more they will probably be a little more well-planned. Probably.

I also made a new channel for this. Because if this will turn out to be something I do on a regular basis, then I want my channel to be with the url /malintoashes. My old channel I made in like '09 and and not only is the url something completely outdated in terms of my blogging career (or whatever you wanna call it), but it also has tons of random shit on it that I don't want mixed with this new thing. So if you wanna go ahead and subscribe to my new channel that would be awesome!

Malin out.

ps. I might also have dyed my hair a little bit today. Whoops. ds.

15 September 2013

It's always darkest

Outfit credits: Missguided velvet dress, H&M earrings, Monki denim jacket, Dr Martens boots.

13 September 2013


Outfit credits: Weekday dress, Dr Martens boots, Fjällräven Kånken backpack, don't know where the shirt is from, it's not originally mine.

I spent a few hours last night trying to post this, but my wifi wouldn't let me upload any photos. So here it is now instead.

Sorry for awful blogging this week, but I've been working three days, and studying the rest. I wish I could say I have the weekend of, but I still got a lot of stuff to write for my poetry class. So that's a no. It'll go fast once I get into it, though.

Malin out.

11 September 2013

Picture Diary / 5-10 Sep / Who's Christian?

1. I got myself a birthday present at Famous Ape.

2. Me wearing my birthday present.

3. I'm taking a Creative Writing course in Poetry in school this term. Feels awfully pretentious.

4. I reached 2k! So cool! I'm gonna say like dailygrace when she hit 2million subscribers: I like you guys. From a distance. In the safety of my home.

5. Got Love Hearts from Haircrazy.com with my new dreads. Adorable!

It's all work and no play in my life atm. I'm so sleepy right now.

Malin out.

08 September 2013

Dragon's Teeth

Outfit credits: H&M long sheer cardigan/dress/whatever-it-is, maxidress and hat, sunglasses from a market somwhere I can't remember, Jeffrey Campbell boots.

'From junkie Skipper to witch Barbie', the memoirs of moi. I read that not untucking your hair from the neck of top/your necklace was real fashionable. So obviously I didn't because that's just how life is sometimes. Sometimes you also watch all of Spy Kids 2 and then wonder 'why?'.

Malin out.

ps. Dragon's Teeth is a ST:VOY episode that I am yet to watch, when I'm finished with my comedy break. Hope it's not about Chakotay, that would be unfortunate. ds.


Hello. I almost made a video, but then I remembered that I don't like to speak, so here's a gif instead. As you may notice, the dreads are gone (but they'll be baaaack), and after the brief breakup my long extensions realised they were being douchey and decided to work with me again. Outfit photos will be up laterz. 

Sara says I'm conservative because I only want to wear black. Now, I have been called many things in my life, but conservative, however, is not one of them. But I guess it's true to some extent.

I really want to make nachos and guacamole tonight. Is it season for avocados? Probably not.I'm gonna go to my parents house and see what their dinner-plans are, and if they're not home I might just go to the grocery store because I already put make-up on ma face. Swag and yolo.

Malin out.

07 September 2013


Today is my birthday (it's also Jeri Ryan/Seven of Nine day, which is a sign that I am indeed Borg). I have no pictures of my own to share with you today, but here's a lovely pic that my bestest frenemy Hillevi (luv u 5evah, fucktard) posted for me on instagram. Hipster kitties fer sure.

I ate some good food, and got/will get some nice stuff from my parents. Some of it hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but I'll do a haul for you with what they gave me and what I got for myself. Here's a teaser for you: most of it is in the colour black.

Now I'm having some key lime pie at my parents house, cheerio!

Malin out.

06 September 2013


If you follow me on instagram you may or may not already know that I had a very sudden craving to braid dreads into my hair two days ago. So it happened. I have white an pink ones now (it's what I already had at home), but I really want only white/blonde. I've ordered a pack of light blonde so hopefully I can change all the pink ones to that when I get them.

Tomorrow is my birthday, weeeoooo!

Malin out.

04 September 2013


Outfit credits: Zara fur coat, H&M hat, Stradivarius top, Pull&bear shorts, Skopunkten boots, backpack from market in Budapest, assorted jewellery.

From yesterday. Couldn't wear that coat though, it got way to warm. But it was a nice while it lasted.

Malin out.

02 September 2013

New in - Budapest

 Stradivarius crop top, Claire's cross necklace, Pull&Bear denim shorts, H&M hat, backpack from a market.

 H&M shirt and dress.

Pull&Bear t-shirts.

01 September 2013

Picture Diary / 28-29 Aug / Budapest pt2

1. The hotel had the WORST coffee. Captain Janeway would not have approved.

2. Market. A random lady gave me THE EYE when Sara and I was eating lunch (lagos) and just minding our own business. It was so weird. I was really not doing anything, I was not in the way of anyone, or looking strange in anyway, but she walked past our table and gave me such a death glare, and I was so surprised that I just looked back like 'WHAT?' and then she glared some more, before having passed us completely, and Sara and I was like 'what just happened?'. We'll never know.

3. Back at Hard Rock for dinner on the third day, because we love it and it was really inexpensive for a HR restaurant, so we figured we'd take advantage of it. And also, free refills of Soda.

4. Every time we're abroad it feels so ridiculous to shop at H&M, but what can you do? Feels like home. And it's actually cheaper a lot of other countries because of the currency rates. 

5. Sara at the Chain Brige.

6. Sara decided to put on as much of what she had bought as possible at the same time.

7. I didn't buy a single garment that wasn't black.

8. Another beautiful building. Love me some Art Deco.

9. I've never before had the opportunity to have my name changed by a Starbucks employee. Exciting.

10. No, we didn't eat at Hard Rock a third time. Though we were tempted to another nacho plate. We also ate at Vapiano twice, because the prices were about half of what they are at home. Food is really cheap in Budapest, at least compared to in Sweden. We like.

Malin out.