07 September 2013


Today is my birthday (it's also Jeri Ryan/Seven of Nine day, which is a sign that I am indeed Borg). I have no pictures of my own to share with you today, but here's a lovely pic that my bestest frenemy Hillevi (luv u 5evah, fucktard) posted for me on instagram. Hipster kitties fer sure.

I ate some good food, and got/will get some nice stuff from my parents. Some of it hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but I'll do a haul for you with what they gave me and what I got for myself. Here's a teaser for you: most of it is in the colour black.

Now I'm having some key lime pie at my parents house, cheerio!

Malin out.

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  1. beacouse 5ever is longer than 4ever <333333 //vibbis