16 September 2013

Getting Even

Outfit credits: H&M/DIY crop top, Dr Denim jeans, Carlings shirt, Fjllräven Kånken backpack, Famous Ape sunglasses, Dr Martens boots.

My first attempt at an outfit video. I've been thinking about doing one for a while, but this really was just a in the moment decision, so it's not really that advanced. I just wanted to see if I could do it, and it turned out alright. So if I make more they will probably be a little more well-planned. Probably.

I also made a new channel for this. Because if this will turn out to be something I do on a regular basis, then I want my channel to be with the url /malintoashes. My old channel I made in like '09 and and not only is the url something completely outdated in terms of my blogging career (or whatever you wanna call it), but it also has tons of random shit on it that I don't want mixed with this new thing. So if you wanna go ahead and subscribe to my new channel that would be awesome!

Malin out.

ps. I might also have dyed my hair a little bit today. Whoops. ds.

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