26 September 2013

New in / other stuff

Gina Tricot (DIY) denim shirt, Famous Ape sunglasses, UNIF/Famous Ape muscle tee.

It was pay day yesterday, which tricks my mind into thinking that I've got an unlimited amount of money, which then naturally leads to shopping.

Sorry guys, that I have been shit at blogging so far this week! I know I don't actually have to blog every day, but I always feel so bad when I don't. Feels a bit like it's my job, and I'm not doing it when I'm not doing it (great sentence there). But you know, I've been working Monday/Wednesday and I've got shitloads of stuff to read/write/comment on this week, so bloggning ends up not being a priority. However, I am checking out some options to be able to make it so (I'll get back to you on that when/if it clears up). 

But I've got two sort-of-minor-announcements to make. The first is that I created another blog. You can find it at http://malkind.blogspot.com. It's not like this blog. More like all the things that this blog is not. Sort of about politics, in a way. Because it's going to be where I write the things and opinions I feel like sharing on stuff that happens in the world and my life. And everything eventually boils down to politics, doesn't it? I'm not asking you to read it or follow it, and I'm not telling you not to, I'm just informing you of its existence, in case someone is interested. 

The second is that I made my fifth tattoo today. If you follow me on twitter you may already know this and what the motive is (in fact I think I might even have posted the original sketch I made for it a while ago). It's by my other tattoos on my arm, and it's still wrapped in plastic. When it has healed better you'll get to see it. I'm super psyched about it, though! It turned out SO great!

I'm making baked potatoes and I have no idea if I'm doing it right. Living on the edge.

Malin out.

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