21 September 2013

Picture Diary / 14-19 Sep / Follow me

1. Sara took pictures of me taking pictures of myself, and they ended up being better than the ones I took myself. Story of life, the cheese is trapped.

2. Cray fish party. Even though I don't eat cray fish. But I kinda won Clue.

3. Celebrated Lovisa's gold medal in the Swedish Cup 1 (in taekwondo) by buying her milkshake. Only about a week left 'til she completes in the European Junior Championships. Crazy. My little baby. Such a ninja.

4. May or may not have eaten all of that myself.

5. Finally watched Dragon's Teeth. It wasn't about Chakotay. But lots of Seven and Janeway, so it was absolutely worth my while.

6. Been wearing these Dr Martens boots almost ever day since I got them. They were a birthday present from my parents. Still gotta do that haul...

Malin out.

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  1. bäst för dig att du åt allt själv, annars hade jag blivit besviken. ps. första bilden är typ det snyggaste jag sett. exakt så vill jag vara klädd i exakt den frisyren.