01 September 2013

Picture Diary / 28-29 Aug / Budapest pt2

1. The hotel had the WORST coffee. Captain Janeway would not have approved.

2. Market. A random lady gave me THE EYE when Sara and I was eating lunch (lagos) and just minding our own business. It was so weird. I was really not doing anything, I was not in the way of anyone, or looking strange in anyway, but she walked past our table and gave me such a death glare, and I was so surprised that I just looked back like 'WHAT?' and then she glared some more, before having passed us completely, and Sara and I was like 'what just happened?'. We'll never know.

3. Back at Hard Rock for dinner on the third day, because we love it and it was really inexpensive for a HR restaurant, so we figured we'd take advantage of it. And also, free refills of Soda.

4. Every time we're abroad it feels so ridiculous to shop at H&M, but what can you do? Feels like home. And it's actually cheaper a lot of other countries because of the currency rates. 

5. Sara at the Chain Brige.

6. Sara decided to put on as much of what she had bought as possible at the same time.

7. I didn't buy a single garment that wasn't black.

8. Another beautiful building. Love me some Art Deco.

9. I've never before had the opportunity to have my name changed by a Starbucks employee. Exciting.

10. No, we didn't eat at Hard Rock a third time. Though we were tempted to another nacho plate. We also ate at Vapiano twice, because the prices were about half of what they are at home. Food is really cheap in Budapest, at least compared to in Sweden. We like.

Malin out.

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