18 September 2013


If you know me at all you know I hate being light blonde. So I dyed fake roots again. This may be very close to my natural hair colour (but probably a bit too dark). I feel much better with slightly darker hair. And I also like when it's in different shades, like an ombre. As long as it's not yellow/gold-blonde, of course.

I have another outfit video in preparation for you. It might be up sometime tomorrow, or friday, depending on if I have time. I'm pretty behind in my planned posts. I was gonna do this "I've dyed my hair yolo" post yesterday, but I feel asleep after work, and didn't wake up until 2100. And don't we all know that when you sleep the whole evening and then wake up when it's already kinda late, you might as well just give up on trying to get anything done. So I did, and watched Star Trek until I feel asleep again. Which now leads to me being a bit behind. But it'll be fine. Posts are coming. Eventually.

Malin out.

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