06 October 2013

How to get dressed up

I'm have never really been into giving advice in any way, because, you know, fuck do I know? But I guess you gotta to hand it to me that I've got things going for me personal style-wise. I'm no stylist, obviously, but I know how to dress. But here's the thing: when you, like me, have quite the eccentric way of dressing during the every-day, getting dressed up for special occasions is really hard. Because you don't want to overdo it. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I looked dressed up when I was wearing my every-day clothes I would be so rich, guys. Super loaded. So you'd think you'd just throw on a pair of heels with that outfit and you'd be good to go. But absolutely not. Because at least when I dress up I want it to be something special. And I imagine I'm not the only one with this problem. So I how about I'll give you some tips on how I go about it? Here's a short list of things I always keep in mind:

1. Less is more. Really. Keeps it somewhat classy, no matter what your personal style is.

2. Where are you going? (Party? Clubbing? Family dinner? Prom?) How are you getting there? (Walk? Bus? Car? Helicopter?) What will you be doing? (Sit down for hours? Dance? Stand up for a long period of time? Walk around?) How long are you going to be there? (A few hours or an entire day?) Will you be wearing shoes inside? (There's a huge difference in wearing heels only for the trip there and wearing them for the entire thing.) Consider all of these and choose wisely thereafter. We all know how it sucks when you get blisters after all of five minutes and you have to suffer for hours.

3. Who will be there? Do you need to dress to impress or do you just wanna look nice to be polite?

4. What in your planned outfit do you want to show off? No matter what it is, be sure to chose the rest of the outfit to really let that particular thing pop. I would advice to NEVER wear more than two items that "pop". More than that and it might look like you're trying too hard. Again; less is more.


And then to round this up nicely with something tangible; here's some suggestions on how to do it, with different items that "pop" in different ways, for the more casual events, like a party/clubbing/family dinner, directly from my own closet: 

1. Crazy fancy heels.

The Lita Spikes are quite extreme to most people. My dad even once said I couldn't come to his job wearing them. But they are absolutely fabulous, and deserves to be worn far more often than I wear mine. Here I match them with a black plain skater dress (H&M) and an oversize knitted crop top (Monki). Since the heels are kinda chunky, the "floppyness" of the dress and layering will create a balance and make them look less chunky. 

2. Shiny dress
I got this dress from the ever so fabulous Motel Rocks! I love it to bits. It's super glossy, with almost an oily look (it's not made of satin as you might think, it's something far heavier, which is very nice). So when I wear this I make sure to match it with matte materials, like suede imitation heels (eBay) and a denim jacket (Monki).

 3. Bodycon dress
I love bodycon dresses as much as the next person (this one is from Missguided), but they're very hard to balance out (especially when you don't have a lot of curves). I generally don't wear heels with tight dresses, because they make legs look longer and therefore also bodies less curvy. Not necessarily skinnier, just less curvy, and this applies to most body types (although not all obviously). I like to rock Dr Martens or other black boots with this kind of dress. And then to make it more dressy, a big shiny and/or colourful necklace, for the "pop" (this one is from Gina Tricot), and an oversized suit jacket (H&M).

4. Colourful/patterned dress

As you know by now I'm not that into colour, but sometimes you just find those perfect patterned dresses (this one from H&M). I mostly match them with black shoes (Skopunkten) and jacket (Cubus), but it's always nice to throw in some accessories that pick of a colour from the dress, like in this case a pair of turquoise earrings from Gina Tricot. 

Of course, a dressed up outfit doesn't have to include a dress. It can be a top and skirt, or shorts, or pants. My advice is not limited to garment, or any particular style for that matter, but more refers to how to approach fit, colour, material and accessorizing.  And also, if you're going to a REALLY fancy party (like prom, or some sort of gala or something), obviously that is something different.

I've put this post in it's very own new category, called "How to". I plan on making more of these fashion-advice-kinda-posts, in different ways. I've got some more ideas myself, but if there's anything you guys feel you want my advice on fashion-wise, like how to match a certain garment, dress for a particular event, or basically anything related to appearance/shopping, let me know! Obviously I've got the most experience with alternative styles, but I'm not an idiot, and I have two sisters with styles completely different from mine, that I give advice to all the time, so if you don't exactly identify with how I dress, but still want advice, don't hesitate!

Malin out.

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