18 October 2013

il ne parle que du bon dieu

I was going to take outfit pictures today, really, but my camera battery was so dead that it wouldn't even start in order to tell me I needed to charge it. That has not happened to me in such a long time that I was almost scared it was broken for a moment. So here's a late night webcam selfie to immortalise my look for today, that made all the old ladies at the theatre (as in the THEATRE not the movies) glance sideways at me. We went to see the Misanthrope and it was freaking hilarious. Honestly, I was giggling in the back of the auditorium through the whole thing.

Now I'm going to continue with American Horror Story. I know I shouldn't, but I'm so close to the end of season 2 and I really want to find out what happens, so can't keep myself from watching. Asylum is a million times creepier than Coven. A MILLION TIMES. Can barely cope.

Mom has really taken to my new-found love for Jessica Lange. She's been sending me movie suggestions and even held a conversation about my obsession twice without making fun of me. Glad that she approves of this one. First time, really, haha. She refuses to talk about Kate Mulgrew or Jeri Ryan.

Malin out.

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