21 October 2013

Murder House

Outfit credits: Vintage coat and backpack, H&M hat and sweater, Gina Tricot bodycon dress, Skopunkten boots. 

(Switched coat before I left, if you're confused by my instagram picture.)

I've been running around like a crazy person after a white turtle neck sweater. You know, a normal, jersey, fitted one.  Nothing special at all. I need it for one of my Halloween costumes. But we all know you're not supposed to wear white after Labour Day so lets not sell any of those anywhere. I did finally find one at H&M's child department, and thanked god I'm tiny enough to fit into their largest size. It's just so much bullshit that you can't find fucking basic garments like that in some colours because it's "out of season". Fuck you, fashion industry, for thinking you can tell me what to wear and when. Really.

But onto other business. I'm giving AHS season 1 (learned today that they've retitled that "Murder House" now) another shot, because I REALLY like Jessica Lange in it. She really is unbelievable in this show, all her characters. They're all so great I don't even have a favourite one (though it's definitely Sister Jude or Fiona Goode, because of context). I'm about mid-season, and I read shitloads of spoilers so I basically know all that's gong to happen (classic me), but I'm gonna go back to watching now.

Malin out. 

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