02 October 2013

Picture Diary / 21 - 30 Sep / La la la

1. I like my poetry text book. It knows how shit is done.

2.  Creepin' outside my old high school teacher's house before getting my tattoo.

3. Party hard.

4. Look, you can see a tiny bit of it! I'll post a pic where you can see it properly soon! Anyone who fancies guessing what it is?

5. Perfect sunglasses. Or they would be if they had a warmer tint.

6.  Kate Mulgrew and her precious face. I watched Spirit Folk the other day, and I can't believe I haven't seen it before. For some reason I thought it was Chakotay centered, but turns out it's mostly about Janeway, so it was pure joy to watch. Normally I'm a hardcore J/7 shipper, but I can live with her hologram bf. At least that's better than J/C. 

Also thought I'd share this song+music video that I've taking a liking to:

Malin out.

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