30 November 2013

Pull to open

Outfit credits: Gina Tricot coat, H&M hoodie, turtle neck sweater, bodycon skirt and leggings, vintage bag, Dr Martens boots.

I fucking hate winter, you guys. No amount of Christmas spirit will ever be enough to outweigh my distaste for this time of year. The only good thing is that I get to wear this coat. Threw this outfit on and put on my hair and face in like ten minutes, so I'm amazed I don't look more like a hobo. 

Malin out.

28 November 2013

Picture Diary / 22 - 27 nov / Hair day

Two posts in one day because why the fuck not? Working tomorrow so I probably won't be blogging then. 

1. The day I got my fabulous coat was also a very good hair day.

2. White Lies favourited my tweet about their concert. Cray.

3. Is it just me who absolutely hate the curls you get from heat tools? Trying desperately to find other ways to get not-straight hair (gay hair?).

4. Also a good hair day.

5. Probably fake and quite ugly, but it was really cheap so whatever.

6. Why does the female lead in the sci-fi shows I fall in love with always have to have short hair (Scully in X-Files, Captain Janeway in ST:VOY, Sam Carter in SG-1 etc etc ect)? I don't want to be into it but they are making it very difficult for me.

7. Not an equally good hair day but I rolled with it.

26 November 2013

I Would Die 4 U

Outfit credits: H&M sheer dress and hat, Gina Tricot coat, vintage midi skirt and jewellery, Skopunkten boots.

Picture Diary / 25 nov / White Lies

(I meant to post the first picture before I left home but didn't have time.)

Sorry for poor blogging over the weekend+today, but I've been in Poetry writing and Stargate SG-1 hibernation (only half an episode left of season 1!), and today I was in Copenhagen all day for the White Lies Big TV tour concert. This was my fourth time seeing them live and they were just as awesome as they always are!

Gonna finish s1 of SG1 now, night!

Malin out.

ps. Sorry about the Miley-face. I was feeling inspired. ds. 

22 November 2013

Picture Diary / 22 Nov / Throwback

1. Been clearing out tons of shit from my flat (mostly old clothes). But I also ended up finding lots of old notebooks, diaries and toys from back in the days. Love looking though that stuff every now and then. 

2. 1 year ago. Black hair. Honestly don't know how that happened. Really want white highlights like that again, though.

3. I found my old sticker album. I have so much dolphin, Hello Kitty and Pokémon stickers!

4. Diary from first grade. It translates "today it is Friday a Sunday". Probably referring to a Friday that was a holiday, ergo a Sunday. I had it down before Rebecca Black. 

5. Possibly my seventh birthday on which I got said Diary. Already knew black velvet was the way to go. Also note my eyebrows in their natural state.

6. Does anyone remember these? Were they a thing outside of southern Sweden? So glad I still have them. Gonna have to find a place to put them on display.

Malin out.

21 November 2013


Outfit credits: Gina Tricot coat and jeans, Primark crop top.

Black fake fur in an oversized biker model with silver details? No, it does most definitely not get any better than this for winter.

And no, I didn't go out in just a crop top today, because I live in Sweden and am not a fucking idiot.

Malin out. 

20 November 2013


Outfit credits: Gina Tricot fake fur coat, Missguided crop top, Kappahl/DIY denim dungaree dress, Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur c/o Nelly.com platforms.

These dungarees used to be my favourite trousers about ten years ago, and when I was clearing out old stuff last week I didn't have the heart to throw them away, even if they did most certainly not fit  me (as pants) anymore. So I made them into a dress.

And I hope you appreciate the Hello Kitty toys suffocating against the wall, and the other stuffed animals. Other stuff that I will never be able to bring myself to throw away. I feel more symapthy for old toys than old friends. Not even sorry. 

Malin out.

18 November 2013


Outfit credits: H&M hat, Missguided crop top, Gina Tricot shirt and jeans, Unif Neo Boots c/o Solestruck with DIY studded straps.

Winter is indeed coming and therefore indoor ootd-photos. By the time I get shit done and actually get dressed it's already dark outside again.

Only have the final two episodes of Sanctuary left. Thinking about diving head first into Stargate SG-1 because of Amanda Tapping ( ♥), but the ten seasons scare me somewhat. That's one hell of a commitment. And here I am talking about TV-shows as if they were significant others again. Whoops. But we'll see.

Malin out.

17 November 2013

Sanctuary for none

Outfit credits: Sheinside.com coat, Gina Tricot shirt, vintage beanie. 

I am currently at war with my camera. It makes me look like a midget in all my full body photos, for unknown reasons. Really. It's in the exact same spot and at the exact same hight as it's always been and yet it apparently thinks I'm about 1m tall all of a sudden. And it's beyond salvation. There's only so much that I can do in photoshop. I can't magic myself 60cm taller and still look like a real person. So yeah. That's were I'm at. 

Also I need poetry inspiration and to erase Sanctuary spoilers from my brain.

Malin out.

16 November 2013

Picture Diary / 7-15 Nov / Hella

I had plans to make an outfit post today, but I got food poisoned and have been kinda out of sorts all day, cooped up watching Sanctuary. But I'm feeling all better now as it's almost tomorrow, so I thought I'd just throw together a good ol' picture diary post. It's been a while anyway.

1. Found an ARTPOP poster that had been taped to a building in town that I obviously had to steal.

2. From my brief two days with yellow hair.

3. And yellow hair is le gone. 

4. New extensions, but you already knew that. 

5. Lots of selfies in this post. But hey, isn't it the reason you visit this blog to look at pictures of me anyway? Love 'em selfies.

6. Malvina and I went to Hillevi's new apartment and watched her make pumpkin soup in a koala onsie. Grace face for good measure. It was fun. Let's do that again soon!

Malin out.

ps. I kinda almost love Sanctuary but not really. It's like there's something missing to keep it from being perfect. My favourite things are Jonathon Young as Nikola Tesla and Amanda Tapping's make-up artist. And also Amanda Tapping in general. We all know by now that I have a major soft spot for women with authority (I was gonna do a *cough* [insert name] *cough* here, but there was just to many names that would say nothing to most of you so I'll just skip that, but imagine the list is endless), especially when they wear suits on occasion. ds.

13 November 2013


Outfit credits: Motelrocks.com velvet cutout dress, Sheinside.com coat, H&M hat and socks, Shock choker, Unif Neo boots c/o Solestruck.com, sunnies from market somewhere. 

I made a video but apparently Lady Gaga is one of those artists that you're not allmowed to use music from, even if you "acknowledge third party content". The only options were to mute the video or simply not post it, and I chose the latter because it's lame without sound anyway. So yeah. Here are the stills.

It appears that my video has been unblocked for whatever reason, so here it is. Although my computer might just be confused by all my google logins and it might just work for me. Let me know if you still can't see it. 

Malin out.

12 November 2013

Le hair

New hair. I should have taken before and after photos of the extensions because they do not even look remotely the same after I've abused them into the right colours. I get #60 lightest blonde for this, and if you've ever shopped for blonde extensions you know they're pretty yellow platinum when you get them. Mine are now gray ash blonde with a hint of lavender and with medium/dark blonde "roots". 

Do you guys want hair tips from me (extensions or other, like dying and stuff)? Because I can make how-to posts on hair related stuff as well. I'm obviously not a professional, but if you've been around a while you know what my hair has lived through, and it's still kicking.  So I'm not completely out of my depth. I don't trust actual hair dressers, because they're either chickens who are too afraid to mess up to actually cut your hair like you tell them, or they don't even listen to what you want and do whatever they feel like, alas they do indeed mess up. Anywa-hay, let me know what you think. 

Malin out.

11 November 2013

Fashion Refinery

Outfit credits: H&M hat and skirt, Gina Tricot sweater, Sheinside coat, Primark cross earring.

My camera didn't cooperate with me today, so this is all you get. There's something about the Wednesday Addams braids + hat that make people look at you like you're about to curse them. It was tempting indeed. This coat smells like bubblegum. 

I just read this text called "Personal Fashion Blogs: Screens and Mirrors in Digital Self-portraits", about independent fashion blogs and "identity performance", and it's really great (you should read it of you're into that sort of thing), but it has made me hyper aware of everything I'm doing and writing here. I too rarely read "academic" texts that actually relates this directly to things I do, so this is really refreshing. I've never looked forward to researching for school this much before.

Malin out. 

10 November 2013


Camille Le Puloch at Tuntea Magazine made this awesome drawing of me! I was also interviewed for a Chinese Portrait. Check it out here, and like their facebook page here.

09 November 2013

In all your glamour and cruelty

Outfit credits: H&M hat and shirt (around waist), Gina Tricot crop top, Glamourous disco pants, Unif Neo boots c/o Soletruck, sunnies from market.

07 November 2013

Won't be a slave to the blonde

Outfit credits: H&M hat and turtle neck sweater, ebay coat, Nasty Gal dress, Buttericks holo-sunnies, converse sneakers.

I've done something I don't know to my foot and can basically only wear converse for the time being. It sucks.

Post title is funny because I'm dying my hair tomorrow for the ARTPOP release party on Saturday. It's a line from Mary Jane Holland. Found a poster of the album cover (which is gorgeous in my opinion) in town that I stole. Sorry to be stealing your commercials, mylady, but I really couldn't help myself. It was put on a stone wall with masking tape. That's begging for it. And my copy of the actual album is on it's way to me! Although, obviously I've been listening to it since it leaked, because I'm a weak, obsessed person. And it fills me with so much joy! The album, not being weak and obsessive. Gonna dance like it's nobody's business to it on Saturday. We-we-we-so-excited.

Malin out.