13 November 2013


Outfit credits: Motelrocks.com velvet cutout dress, Sheinside.com coat, H&M hat and socks, Shock choker, Unif Neo boots c/o Solestruck.com, sunnies from market somewhere. 

I made a video but apparently Lady Gaga is one of those artists that you're not allmowed to use music from, even if you "acknowledge third party content". The only options were to mute the video or simply not post it, and I chose the latter because it's lame without sound anyway. So yeah. Here are the stills.

It appears that my video has been unblocked for whatever reason, so here it is. Although my computer might just be confused by all my google logins and it might just work for me. Let me know if you still can't see it. 

Malin out.


  1. I love this look <3 Your style is amazing
    I'm following !

    1. thanks, love yours too! <3