11 November 2013

Fashion Refinery

Outfit credits: H&M hat and skirt, Gina Tricot sweater, Sheinside coat, Primark cross earring.

My camera didn't cooperate with me today, so this is all you get. There's something about the Wednesday Addams braids + hat that make people look at you like you're about to curse them. It was tempting indeed. This coat smells like bubblegum. 

I just read this text called "Personal Fashion Blogs: Screens and Mirrors in Digital Self-portraits", about independent fashion blogs and "identity performance", and it's really great (you should read it of you're into that sort of thing), but it has made me hyper aware of everything I'm doing and writing here. I too rarely read "academic" texts that actually relates this directly to things I do, so this is really refreshing. I've never looked forward to researching for school this much before.

Malin out. 

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