02 November 2013

House of the Rising Sun

Outfit credits: Shelikes.com tartan dress, ebay coat, H&M hat and turtle neck sweater, Famous Ape sunnies, Unif Neo boots c/o solestruck.com.

This dress from shelikes.com is absolutely flawless. Like really. Fits like a dream and this is my favourite colours for tartan. But the best part is it's skirt. Because I am ridiculously short I always have a problem with dresses being too long for me, and I always have to shorten them. But this isn't! It's the perfect length!

Also, my review of the Unif Neo boots will probably be up tomorrow!

Malin out.


  1. you look a lot like Jo Masterson from the TV Show "Twisted" !! gorgeous!

    and amazing boots!

    1. Haha, I promise you I don't in real life! But thank you! <3