28 November 2013

Picture Diary / 22 - 27 nov / Hair day

Two posts in one day because why the fuck not? Working tomorrow so I probably won't be blogging then. 

1. The day I got my fabulous coat was also a very good hair day.

2. White Lies favourited my tweet about their concert. Cray.

3. Is it just me who absolutely hate the curls you get from heat tools? Trying desperately to find other ways to get not-straight hair (gay hair?).

4. Also a good hair day.

5. Probably fake and quite ugly, but it was really cheap so whatever.

6. Why does the female lead in the sci-fi shows I fall in love with always have to have short hair (Scully in X-Files, Captain Janeway in ST:VOY, Sam Carter in SG-1 etc etc ect)? I don't want to be into it but they are making it very difficult for me.

7. Not an equally good hair day but I rolled with it.


  1. I love your style! You've really got something special! And the necklace on the last picture is stunning! where is it from? Keep going, I'm looking forward to all the upcoming looks :) <3

    1. Thank you! <3 I'm not sure which necklace you're referring to. The ones in the last picture are three separate ones, two from ebay and one second hand.