22 November 2013

Picture Diary / 22 Nov / Throwback

1. Been clearing out tons of shit from my flat (mostly old clothes). But I also ended up finding lots of old notebooks, diaries and toys from back in the days. Love looking though that stuff every now and then. 

2. 1 year ago. Black hair. Honestly don't know how that happened. Really want white highlights like that again, though.

3. I found my old sticker album. I have so much dolphin, Hello Kitty and Pokémon stickers!

4. Diary from first grade. It translates "today it is Friday a Sunday". Probably referring to a Friday that was a holiday, ergo a Sunday. I had it down before Rebecca Black. 

5. Possibly my seventh birthday on which I got said Diary. Already knew black velvet was the way to go. Also note my eyebrows in their natural state.

6. Does anyone remember these? Were they a thing outside of southern Sweden? So glad I still have them. Gonna have to find a place to put them on display.

Malin out.


  1. These old memories are the most beautiful thing wish I had this so i can look back at with such pride. Luckily I am doing my best to collect all can for my little girl so she can have this! Beautiful

    P.s those cuddles are absolutely gorgeous! X

    1. Isn't it just? Pays of being somewhat of a hoarder sometimes!