16 November 2013

Picture Diary / 7-15 Nov / Hella

I had plans to make an outfit post today, but I got food poisoned and have been kinda out of sorts all day, cooped up watching Sanctuary. But I'm feeling all better now as it's almost tomorrow, so I thought I'd just throw together a good ol' picture diary post. It's been a while anyway.

1. Found an ARTPOP poster that had been taped to a building in town that I obviously had to steal.

2. From my brief two days with yellow hair.

3. And yellow hair is le gone. 

4. New extensions, but you already knew that. 

5. Lots of selfies in this post. But hey, isn't it the reason you visit this blog to look at pictures of me anyway? Love 'em selfies.

6. Malvina and I went to Hillevi's new apartment and watched her make pumpkin soup in a koala onsie. Grace face for good measure. It was fun. Let's do that again soon!

Malin out.

ps. I kinda almost love Sanctuary but not really. It's like there's something missing to keep it from being perfect. My favourite things are Jonathon Young as Nikola Tesla and Amanda Tapping's make-up artist. And also Amanda Tapping in general. We all know by now that I have a major soft spot for women with authority (I was gonna do a *cough* [insert name] *cough* here, but there was just to many names that would say nothing to most of you so I'll just skip that, but imagine the list is endless), especially when they wear suits on occasion. ds.

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