03 November 2013

UNIF Neo Boots

I can honestly not believe I actually own these. UNIF is my absolute favourite brand, and I've had my eyes on the Hellbounds since always. But they're a bit on the expensive side for a pair of heels you won't be able to use that much. I'm not a person to wear heels in the everyday. But the Neo boots are a wee bit cheaper, and far more usable in my opinion. Not only do they not feel like heels at all, because of the crazy platform, but they don't look all that much like it either, but still do in a way. Does that makes sense? I ordered them from my favourite online shoe boutique Solestruck, where they are all complete darlings. Not sponsored guys, I genuinely think so. I mean, they have unicorns:

But about the sizing; they run very large. If you've been around for a while you know I'm a EU size 36-37 (US 6-7), and it does say on Solestruck.com that they're about a size off. So since I usually get US 7 when I order online, I got 6. And I'll say they're still at least half a size big on me. I could probably have gotten a 5. But with a extra sole they're absolutely fine, now. In fact it's almost a little nice that they are a loose fit on me, since I have problems with my bunions and am pretty much always in pain when I wear any shoes that aren't loose.

But you know what? They are insanely comfortable. I wore them to town for five hours the other day, and I was totally fine. I didn't even trip on the cobblestones. The platform is a bit on the heavy side, but I think that is good, because it makes them more stable. My only other platforms that are about equal in height are the Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur from nelly.com, and I've tripped in those a couple of times, because they are too light.

That's it, I suppose. I could go on for ages, getting all wrapped up in cognitive dissonance, telling you about how amazing these boots are. Because they absolutely are. But I think this is the most common things you need to know, if you're contemplating getting them. If you'd like me to compare them to another pair of shoes that maybe you own, for reference, let me know!

Malin out.

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