07 November 2013

Won't be a slave to the blonde

Outfit credits: H&M hat and turtle neck sweater, ebay coat, Nasty Gal dress, Buttericks holo-sunnies, converse sneakers.

I've done something I don't know to my foot and can basically only wear converse for the time being. It sucks.

Post title is funny because I'm dying my hair tomorrow for the ARTPOP release party on Saturday. It's a line from Mary Jane Holland. Found a poster of the album cover (which is gorgeous in my opinion) in town that I stole. Sorry to be stealing your commercials, mylady, but I really couldn't help myself. It was put on a stone wall with masking tape. That's begging for it. And my copy of the actual album is on it's way to me! Although, obviously I've been listening to it since it leaked, because I'm a weak, obsessed person. And it fills me with so much joy! The album, not being weak and obsessive. Gonna dance like it's nobody's business to it on Saturday. We-we-we-so-excited.

Malin out.

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