31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Outfit credits: Vintage/DIY velvet dress, H&M hat.

See you in twenty-fourteen! xx

30 December 2013

We could live in the blaze forever, if we are lucky

Outfit credits: Breaking Rocks print sweater, cubus moto jacket, ebay skirt, vintage sunnies, Vagabond boots. 

I'm out of the woods. What woods, you ask? Well, I haven't been blogging much because I've been super busy with work, school and a possible (highly likely) internship at the photo gallery [Format] next term, that has already semi-started. So needless to say, with everything that the current holiday brings, there has been little time for actual rest. But yesterday was the last day of the madness for the time being. After work I was so exhausted and everything hurt, so I curled up with some SNL episodes and didn't think for a few hours.  But I actually have some "time off" during these final days of the year. 

And I have been having fights with my hair not wanting to be the shade I want, but I think I might finally have gotten it right!

And I just have to say about this sweater from Breaking Rocks; so well made! Probably the most quality sweater I own. Heads up to the ladies though: they're a very straight fit, so if you're very curvy, you probably want to size up. I'm a size S and it's very tight over the hips and wide over the shoulders. So pretty, though, I love it!

Malin out!

28 December 2013

Current obsessions - high heeled boots

I want all of these super bad. Does anyone know a european website that carries Deandri and that has the Tequila model in size 6-7? Any colour! Or if anyone knows any european site that carries any of these within a reasonable price range. Because the customs to ship from the US is killing me.

Malin out. 

25 December 2013

Picture Diary / 20-25 Dec / Ghost of 90's Past

1. Got this super mega awesome poster from Malvina for x-mas. Everyone who knows me properly knows I'm obsessed with Death from The Seventh Seal. This is made by some local artist I think, but I don't know her/his name.

2. Newly bleached w/ no make up. It looks white but that's only because of the instagram filter. Irl it was pretty yellow. Still working on that.

3. First time experimenting with make up vs. bleached eyebrows. 

4. Sara and I just before we left home to go celebrate christmas eve with family.

5. I got purple hair dye from Sara for christmas, so...

6. Found these beauties at a vintage shop in Copenhagen the other day. All black in my size, how great is that? Magic!

I really hate Christmas Day, guys. It's so anticlimactic. In Sweden the custom is that we celebrate only on Christmas Eve (at least in my family) and open all the presents, eat all the food, and all the other fun things that you look forward to. So Christmas Day is basically just the day after when you can't do shit because everything is closed. And I always think of all these errands I need to run, but can't because not even the mall is open, and the mall is ALWAYS open. At least when you're a kid you get toys and stuff in your presents that you can play with on the 25th. Maybe I should put up the hangars my mom got me...

Malin out. 

24 December 2013

Fog Lights

Outfit credits: Gine Tricot coat and belt, ebay top, JC skirt, vintage scarf, Pimkie boots.

Merry christmas, guys. Hope you have a fun holiday and that if you wished for anything in particular this year, that you get it! I only wished for a new bathrobe (because my old one was disgusting), and I got one! I'll do a haul some day, maybe, with the other stuff I got. It wasn't all that much. The great thing about my parents when it comes to gifts for holidays is that I always get things I've said I wanted, but when I thought no one was really listening, and that I don't want to get for myself, like kitchen tools, bathrobes, or hangers.

But anyway. I actually chickened out of wearing this outfit last minute. I just can't do "all" white. I can't. Besides, I was feeling way overdressed for a simple family gathering. And naturally I ended up in all black instead, but I have no pictures of that. So yeah.

Malin out.

23 December 2013


Outfit credits: H&M turtle neck sweater, hoodie and sunglasses, Fabulous c/o Lager 157 jeans, Gina Tricot belt, Carlings beanie.

The lighting was too poor in my full body photos of today's outfit, and they were beyond salvation. So this will have to be enough for today. This is gonna be my face for some time now. Hope you like it, but I don't really care if you do, because I do. Woop.

Malin out.

22 December 2013

Anja K

I didn't have time to take proper pics of my new "look", because I spent every available hour of today with bleach or silver shampoo in my hair. But I figured I could post these pictures of Anja Konstantinova for Missguided, that has been my inspiration for my "makeover". I'm on the fence about the bleached eyebrows (on me) still, though. I love how it looks, but I'm not sure I have the balls to actually rock them with confidence after having really dark ones for so long. But we'll see. 

Soon there's a new episode of Äkta Människor (Real Humans), the only swedish TV-show that I've liked in ages. It's a sci-fi show about robots, and it's fucking awesome. 

Malin out. 

21 December 2013


Outfit credits: H&M trenchcoat, UNIF Neo boots, ebay sunnies, backpack from market in Budapest. 

I'm dying my hair. If you follow me on my instagram you might already know what colour. I'm not completely done yet, I need to work on the shade some more, but by tomorrow afternoon I'll probably be able to show of the result. I'm going for a look I've had before, a few years ago. So if you've been around you've seen me in what's coming before. Such excite!

Malin out. 

19 December 2013

I don't give a flying

Outfit credits: Vintage velvet cut-out dress, Cubus moto jacket, H&M hat, Famous Ape sunnies, eBay creepers. 

I got this dress ages ago but totally forgot about it, however that happened. Also check out my super awesome overall that I got even longer ago, before I even started watching Stargate SG-1. When I discovered it's basically exactly like the one they wear I ordered the patch of eBay. So now I can always pull of an SG-1 cosplay if the occasion should arise. And isn't that just the only important thing in life?

Malin out. 

18 December 2013


I am absolutely obsessed with everything holographic or iridescent. Every time I see something in it I get so excited. I've been pining after the Motel backpack for months now, but never seem to get around to ordering it. Soon! But I do got a pair of crazy hologram heels on their way to me that I got really cheap. Can't wait for them to get here, so I can show them to you!

Shop more holographic stuff: 

Malin out.

16 December 2013

Do My Thang

Outfit credits: Gina Tricot coat, Missguided dress,  H&M hat, ebay sunnies, Dr Martens boots.

Highly recommend watching the video for more of the full glory of this amazing dress from my ever so beloved Missguided.

Shop the look: 

Malin out.

15 December 2013


Editing a new outfit video, but I probably won't have it up today. I haven't even started on colours/white balance yet and youtube is probably gonna be bitching about the usage of Miley Cyrus music. But hopefully tomorrow. This might be my favourite yet! AAAAAND if you're a darling and subscribe to my channel, you can see it as soon as I upload it, no waiting for the blog post!

Malin out.

13 December 2013

We're witches

I had loads of plans today. Work, blogging and this event and stuff. But guess what? I got sick. I'm never sick. Like really. This is the first time I've ever called in sick to any job ever in my life (been home sick from school though, but that's not the same). Worst timing. So here are some more webcam selfies because being sick is boring.

Btw, I've been thinking is I should do a my-tattoos-post. Or, you know, a category with it. I have this plan that my left arm will at some point be a half-sleeve. So I figured it would be nice to have the "journey" there all gathered in one place. I've got five so far (this one on the neck and four on my arm). And I'm already planning my next one. Well, actually I've been planning to do this possible next one the past two times, but keep putting it on hold, for 1,5 years. But soon. Anyway, would you like a post like that? (Rhetorical question, I will probably do it either way.)

Malin out.

12 December 2013

Surprise bitch

Got some new stuff in, one of them being this awesome beanie (DIY made from hat+patch from ebay). Also a pair of sunnies (winter what?) and a gorgeous dress from the ever so lovely Missguided.co.uk, that I have an outfit all planned for. Can't wait to wear it!

I'm gonna watch the latest episode of AHS and then go to bed early. Working tomorrow.

Malin out!

10 December 2013


Outfit credits: Ebay coat, vintage dress, H&M hat and turtle neck tee, Gina Tricot belt, Vagabond boots.

09 December 2013

Hej, jag är hemma.

Hi, I'm home. I know I said I'd try to blog while I was away, but we ended up not actually doing anything worth blogging about (daytime television, it's a trap! Have you ever seen Ultimate Shopper?). But it was nice. I won over Sanna and Robin (her bf) at Munchkin, despite it being the first time I ever played it. I have sneaky evil conqueror skills. 

But having spent the past few days in the capital, stepping of the train at Malmö Central Station I was hit with this overwhelming feeling of love for my home town. For as long as I live in Sweden I don't want to live anywhere but here. That's just the way it is.

Now I'm gonna stuff my face with things that are bad for me and watch The Bling Ring before bed. 

Malin out.

06 December 2013

Picture Diary / 6 Dec / Stockholm

I'm in Stockholm with my family for the Swedish championship in Taekwondo (my sisters are competing), and then I'm going to visit Sanna for a couple of days. I'll be back home late Monday, but I'll try to update some more while I'm here anyway!

1. Girl In A Car Having A Great Time

2. Hostel that used to be a prison.

3. And there's free wifi!

04 December 2013


Outfit credits: H&M turtle neck tee, Missguided harness, Gina Tricot sheer maxi skirt, Zara fluffy coat, Vagabond boots.

02 December 2013

Emerald & Lavender

Outfit credits: Gina Tricot coat, Missguided crop and maxi skirt, H&M hat, vintage bag, Dr Martens boots.

I may or may not have dyed my tips lavender. I'm waiting for another package of extensions to arrive in the mail, because I need to fill it out, and what I've been using so far for this is the same extensions I wore when I had pink hair during summer. Since then that same hair has been both blonde and yellow, so you can imagine the quality of it. And I've decided that it is now beyond the point of salvation. So in the meanwhile I'm back to semi-short, but hopefully not for long.

Malin out.

01 December 2013

New in

 Missguided harness, H&M sheer maxidress, vintage bag.

You saw the leggings and the bag in my previous post, and the dress has already been featured in my last video-post as well. But I figured I might as well include them here anyway. Probably gonna be staples this winter. Especially the dress, it's great for layering. 

Been dying for a harness for ages now, so when I found this on Missguided for only £9.99 (I think) the day after payday so I ordered it (and the velvet skirt) without hesitation. Can't wait to style it!

Malin out.