24 December 2013

Fog Lights

Outfit credits: Gine Tricot coat and belt, ebay top, JC skirt, vintage scarf, Pimkie boots.

Merry christmas, guys. Hope you have a fun holiday and that if you wished for anything in particular this year, that you get it! I only wished for a new bathrobe (because my old one was disgusting), and I got one! I'll do a haul some day, maybe, with the other stuff I got. It wasn't all that much. The great thing about my parents when it comes to gifts for holidays is that I always get things I've said I wanted, but when I thought no one was really listening, and that I don't want to get for myself, like kitchen tools, bathrobes, or hangers.

But anyway. I actually chickened out of wearing this outfit last minute. I just can't do "all" white. I can't. Besides, I was feeling way overdressed for a simple family gathering. And naturally I ended up in all black instead, but I have no pictures of that. So yeah.

Malin out.