09 December 2013

Hej, jag är hemma.

Hi, I'm home. I know I said I'd try to blog while I was away, but we ended up not actually doing anything worth blogging about (daytime television, it's a trap! Have you ever seen Ultimate Shopper?). But it was nice. I won over Sanna and Robin (her bf) at Munchkin, despite it being the first time I ever played it. I have sneaky evil conqueror skills. 

But having spent the past few days in the capital, stepping of the train at Malmö Central Station I was hit with this overwhelming feeling of love for my home town. For as long as I live in Sweden I don't want to live anywhere but here. That's just the way it is.

Now I'm gonna stuff my face with things that are bad for me and watch The Bling Ring before bed. 

Malin out.

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