25 December 2013

Picture Diary / 20-25 Dec / Ghost of 90's Past

1. Got this super mega awesome poster from Malvina for x-mas. Everyone who knows me properly knows I'm obsessed with Death from The Seventh Seal. This is made by some local artist I think, but I don't know her/his name.

2. Newly bleached w/ no make up. It looks white but that's only because of the instagram filter. Irl it was pretty yellow. Still working on that.

3. First time experimenting with make up vs. bleached eyebrows. 

4. Sara and I just before we left home to go celebrate christmas eve with family.

5. I got purple hair dye from Sara for christmas, so...

6. Found these beauties at a vintage shop in Copenhagen the other day. All black in my size, how great is that? Magic!

I really hate Christmas Day, guys. It's so anticlimactic. In Sweden the custom is that we celebrate only on Christmas Eve (at least in my family) and open all the presents, eat all the food, and all the other fun things that you look forward to. So Christmas Day is basically just the day after when you can't do shit because everything is closed. And I always think of all these errands I need to run, but can't because not even the mall is open, and the mall is ALWAYS open. At least when you're a kid you get toys and stuff in your presents that you can play with on the 25th. Maybe I should put up the hangars my mom got me...

Malin out. 

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