30 December 2013

We could live in the blaze forever, if we are lucky

Outfit credits: Breaking Rocks print sweater, cubus moto jacket, ebay skirt, vintage sunnies, Vagabond boots. 

I'm out of the woods. What woods, you ask? Well, I haven't been blogging much because I've been super busy with work, school and a possible (highly likely) internship at the photo gallery [Format] next term, that has already semi-started. So needless to say, with everything that the current holiday brings, there has been little time for actual rest. But yesterday was the last day of the madness for the time being. After work I was so exhausted and everything hurt, so I curled up with some SNL episodes and didn't think for a few hours.  But I actually have some "time off" during these final days of the year. 

And I have been having fights with my hair not wanting to be the shade I want, but I think I might finally have gotten it right!

And I just have to say about this sweater from Breaking Rocks; so well made! Probably the most quality sweater I own. Heads up to the ladies though: they're a very straight fit, so if you're very curvy, you probably want to size up. I'm a size S and it's very tight over the hips and wide over the shoulders. So pretty, though, I love it!

Malin out!

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