13 December 2013

We're witches

I had loads of plans today. Work, blogging and this event and stuff. But guess what? I got sick. I'm never sick. Like really. This is the first time I've ever called in sick to any job ever in my life (been home sick from school though, but that's not the same). Worst timing. So here are some more webcam selfies because being sick is boring.

Btw, I've been thinking is I should do a my-tattoos-post. Or, you know, a category with it. I have this plan that my left arm will at some point be a half-sleeve. So I figured it would be nice to have the "journey" there all gathered in one place. I've got five so far (this one on the neck and four on my arm). And I'm already planning my next one. Well, actually I've been planning to do this possible next one the past two times, but keep putting it on hold, for 1,5 years. But soon. Anyway, would you like a post like that? (Rhetorical question, I will probably do it either way.)

Malin out.

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