31 January 2014

What the hell

Outfit credits: Estradeur coat c/o Nelly.com, H&M shirt, shorts and hat, Dr Martens boots, assorted jewelry. 

29 January 2014

Nine things you may or may not know about me

(In lack of something else and new here's throwback pictures from summer because the snow is depressing me.)

1. When I think of space and how it's larger than I could possibly ever imagine, unlike most people (seems that angst about space is pretty common) I am filled with a feeling of joy and excitement.

2. I think the taste of water is one of the most disgusting flavors there is. I absolutely hate it.

3. I was obsessed with macaws and budgies as a kid.

4. I love Ikea. Sometimes I go to Ikea just for sports.

5. I am a hard-core prude.

6. I'm afraid of being outside after dark and phobic of it when alone and in a city to an extent where I get anxiety thinking about it, and it often ruins hanging out with friends for me because I can't relax. This phobia actually stems from a fear of being attacked and raped that I've had inculcated into my brain since I was a child. And that's rape culture for you.

7. If all goes to plan I'll have a bachelor's degree in performance art design by this summer.

8. Two of my life goals are to have visited all the cities on the list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world (I've been to five so far), and to see real life wild dolphins.

9. Nine is my lucky number, which is why this is a list of nine.

Malin out. 

27 January 2014


Outfit credits: H&M hat, Missguided harness and velvet skater skirt, DIY ripped knitted sweater c/o Lager 157, ebay platform shoes, assorted jewelry.

26 January 2014

My Shop

This gif is completely unrelated to what I'm about to write about (it's just kinda precious to me), unless you in some neat way get offended by this post, then by all means... 

Just letting you know that my blog now has an additional page, cleverly named "my shop", and it's basically a gathering of very fancily displayed links (kudos to RewardStyle) to things I like/want/own and that I would want to sell if I had a real webshop. I know I'm not always great at blogging about inspiration and link to things, so in my shop (that I will be updating regularly) you can find all the stuff that I want to blog about, but never end up doing, and where to get them. 

Check it out here! (There are also a permanent links in the side menu). 

25 January 2014


Outfit credits: H&M hat, Bikbok top, Gina Tricot skirt, Dr Martens 1460 boots, assorted jewelry. 

I was going to post this yesterday, but blogger wouldn't load my dashboard, and kept telling me there were different errors, so I couldn't make any posts.

I have bought myself a soft box/studio flash. I've been pining for one since I was in high school, but back then I got it into my head that they are super expensive. And they are, for an unemployed high school student. But when you're at uni, with study grands and a part time job, not so much. When I one day out of the blue realized this I decided to get one next payday. And I did. So I was experimenting a bit with lighting. It's been a couple of years since I last worked with a soft box, so I'm a bit out of practice. But it's great. Especially now, during winter, when it gets dark so early. I'm pretty psyched about trying it out on the terrace some evening/night, when it's less cold outside. 

Malin out. 

23 January 2014


Feels like I've said this on every other platform already, except here, but I got my own domain for this blog. It's simply malintoashes.com now. Feels almost like serious business now, doesn't it? (No, it doesn't...)

This drawing was made by my friend Emelie Sköld! 

Malin out. 


I'm contemplating getting these two things from the Dolls Kill sale. But I'm unsure about the sizing on the Charlotte dress. Basically, I'm wondering if any of you guys owns it or have tried it on ann can tell me if it's a as loose fit as it looks? Especially over the hips. I'm on the fence between size XS or S. Help me, pretty please?!

Malin out. 

21 January 2014


Outfit credits: H&M hat, Cubus moto jacket, Librastyle tee, ebay skort, UNIF Neo boots c/o Soletruck, Banggood.com fake piercings

You know, I like the idea of pastel hair more than neon, but I always feel better in neon. Long, styled, fluffy neon pink hair is what I feel the prettiest and coolest in. Got myself a can of Directions Tangerine yesterday because I thought my hair was too purple in it's shade. Usually I prefer cold shades (silver before gold anytime), but I've always had a soft spot for warm/orangey pink. So there you go. If you want this shade it's a mix of Directions Flamingo Pink and Tangerine, diluted with conditioner. 

I like and always use La Riché Directions. My local crazy-hair-dye-shop (Shock.se, I'll always love you) only carries Directions, Stargazer and Manic Panic, and I prefer the cans that Directions and MP come in, it's easier to handle when you mix and blend a lot. And since MP is more expensive (they last a little longer, but it's marginal, and is to no purpose when you change as often as I do), I usually opt for Directions. 

Also check out my awesome hipster devil tee that I got from the darlings at Librastyle! They've got some super sweet, comfy and affordable printed tees that you should check out asap! I've got another one as well that is bright red, and it's going to look wicked with this hair colour, haha. 

Malin out. 

ps. I also got a great new curling iron a while back (used in these pictures), would anyone like a review/post about that? I have no idea how much you guys care about hair-posts? It just feels like I spend so much time doing my hair (dying, styling, extensions, etc), and I've got so much tips and tricks, but I rarely write about it. feels like I should do more. Should I? ds.

20 January 2014

That girl and her pagan heart

Outfit credits: H&M hat (and heels), Banggood.com maxi dress.

I love this dress from Banggood.com. It's so soft and it feels very witchy, don't you think? I've got some really neat fake piercings (rings) from there as well, that I haven't gotten around to properly show you. I got just one first to try it out, but I liked it so I got two more (yay for free shipping). I'll do a proper look with them someday soon!

Malin out. 

19 January 2014

Breaking Rocks

Outfit credits: Breaking Rocks Panther Power sweater, H&M hat, Cubus moto jacket, Fabulous jeans c/o Lager 157, UNIF Neo boots c/o Solestruck

Winter has properly come to (southern) Sweden, so if blogging is a bit on the low for a while it's because it's fucking freezing outside (and inside, because my apartment may or may not be insulated at all), it's basically dark most of the day, Sherlock is over when it has just barely started (AND MARY, OH MY FUCKING GOD MARY), and all of this is very depressing. Luckily I have pink hair, new clothes and a new episode of Saturday Night Live to light up my life. 

Malin out.

ps. If you live in or nearby Malmö, and like photography/art, you should visit fotogalleriet [Format] at Mazetti and check out their current (and future) exhibitions, that I've helped hang! I'll be doing my degree project there this term, although I am still not sure what I'm doing... (yay for uni studies and poor information). ds. 

14 January 2014

13 January 2014

All your life you've never seen woman, taken by the wind

Outfit credits: H&M suspender skirt and hat, Primark white crop top, Sheinside.com coat, C&A poncho, Skopunkten boots, Banggood.com skeleton handpiece. 

12 January 2014


I wanted to make a post but didn't have anyting to actually write about so here's a gif of Kate McKinnon (girl crush numero uno at the moment). If you haven't seen the SNL parody of Girls then you should youtube it this very moment. Can't wait until it starts again (SNL, not Girls, I don't follow Girls). I have very recently discovered/realised that most of my favourite comedians are from the SNL family, so it's pretty stupid that I haven't started to follow it earlier. But sometimes I'm a real idiot. It's just how things are.

Malin out. 

11 January 2014

How to dress down

Outfit credits: UNIF Cake dress c/o Karmaloop, Lager 157/DIY knitted sweater. 

Here's a "how to" tip for you: Do you have a super fancy dress (or jumpsuit) that you love and want to wear during the everyday, but it's TOO fancy? I know I've got tons. In order to dress it down, put on a oversized sweater on top of it. The fancier dress, the un-fancier sweater. Like this ripped, knitted one for the super shiny UNIF Cake dress. Obviously it doesn't need to be knitted. It can be a hoodie as well. It depends on what you think suits the style of the dress the best. Jersey fabric can be cool with a velvet dress, and knits with sequins/other more sparkling things. If it's a puffy dress you might want to pick a cropped one. 

This is a perfect way to reuse your New Years dress! I need to start doing this more myself. 

Malin out.

09 January 2014

"What is that thing? It's hideous and weird."

Myrtle Snow may be the weirdest character on AHS Coven, but she sure is fabulous. I want to look like her when I'm an old lady. 

07 January 2014


Outfit credits: Ebay coat, vintage tee, Glamorous Disco pans c/o Loveclothing.com, H&M bag, Dr Martens boots. 

06 January 2014


Shirt from Weekday.

First webcam selfie of the year! I took my first instagram selfie earlier today as well. I was going to take outfit pictures too, but that plan failed when I noticed my camera was dead. I really need to invest in a second battery. 

I am also fighting with my hair. It might look like it's one colour, but in reality it's at least about four. Almost iridescent, I try to tell myself as I suffer with it. 

Malin out.

ps. Ah, and eyebrows are back. That was the original point of this post. ds. 

05 January 2014

2013 recap - outfits

These are my favourite looks from the past year. Do you have a favourite?

(Sorry I'm just posting a bunch of recap posts at the moment. The semester is ending in school and I'm writing ALL THE PAPERS.)

Malin out.

04 January 2014


I'm sorry but I just couldn't help myself. I've been watching lots of Saturday Night Live and I absolutely adore Kate McKinnon (and also Cecily Strong and Seth Meyers, but not as much) and every time she's in a sketch my heats skips a beat, and when she's not I cry a little inside (and sometimes fast forward). 

Malin out. 

03 January 2014

2013 recap - hair

2013 was the year that I one day decided that I was not gonna be dark-haired anymore. "Yolo", I thought and began a journey where I basically had a new hairstyle/colour every month. Not included among the pictures above my latest endeavor towards completely white hair via lavender, because I didn't have any webcam pictures of that. 

And I have no doubt 2014 will be just as adventurous, hair-wise. Especially now that I'm light blonde again. 

Malin out.