01 January 2014

2013 recap

Not sure if I'm going to do a month by month retrospect of the past year this year (unless it's something you want?), but rather short summaries of different topics (hair colours, favourite outfits, etc). To start, here's a pretty greneral one:

How have your 2013 been?
Pretty great. Maybe not the best year of my life, but more than alright. 

Did you do something you've never done before?
I went to countries I had never been and stuff like that. 

A particular date you will never forget?
9th of July in Scotland when it was so hot I overheated my iPhone. We also visited the "Loo of the year" of 2012 that day. Wicked. 

(it really happened. In Scotland.)

What was your greatest success in 2013?
This blog. I created it and permanently moved to the Blogger platform in February and it's grown so much since then (my monthly visitors have doubled three times over). And I've gotten to do collaborations with some of my favourite brands. 

Best buy?
I want to say my Dr Martens but I checked and I got those at the very end of 2012, sooo... my UNIF neo boots, then. 

What did you spend the most money on?
Clothes and shoes, no doubt. 

Did something make you really happy?
Most things about this blog makes me happy. My readers, collaborators, features and just blogging in general. 

(featured on Bangstyle.com)

Which songs will remind you of 2013?
I want to say anything from ARTPOP (Lady Gaga) or Bangerz (Miley Cyrus), but since I'll be going to the Bangerz tour next year, and hopefully also ARTPOP Ball if it comes here, I think that will be more of 2014 soundtracks. But maybe Roar with Katy Perry,  Buzzcut Season by Lorde, anything from White Lies Big TV album or the Killers Battle Born. 

Who did you spend the most time with?
Sara, probably. And Lovisa, Malvina and Hillevi. 

Where did you travel during 2013?
Spain, Scotland,  Hungary, Copenhagen, Gothenburg (and nearby areas) and Stockholm.

(Budapest with Sara)

What did you do on your birthday?
I hanged out with my mom and sister. I'm not much for big celebrations. Of anything.

Something that could have made your year better?
More traveling. 

Any advice for yourself for 2014?
You're doing great girl, keep doing your thing. It got you this far. Everything works out.

Any New Year's resolutions?
Go new places, try new things, and all that. Stop being afraid and just do things that has the possibility of making you happier. 

That's that. And on another account:


Malin out. 

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