06 January 2014


Shirt from Weekday.

First webcam selfie of the year! I took my first instagram selfie earlier today as well. I was going to take outfit pictures too, but that plan failed when I noticed my camera was dead. I really need to invest in a second battery. 

I am also fighting with my hair. It might look like it's one colour, but in reality it's at least about four. Almost iridescent, I try to tell myself as I suffer with it. 

Malin out.

ps. Ah, and eyebrows are back. That was the original point of this post. ds. 


  1. tycker du ska ta bort ögonbrynen igen! :(

    1. Men det är inte snyggt irl om inte ögonbrynen och håret är samma blonda färg och mitt hår är helt fläckigt just nu :( En vacker dag, jag lovar, ska jag bleka dem igen!