11 January 2014

How to dress down

Outfit credits: UNIF Cake dress c/o Karmaloop, Lager 157/DIY knitted sweater. 

Here's a "how to" tip for you: Do you have a super fancy dress (or jumpsuit) that you love and want to wear during the everyday, but it's TOO fancy? I know I've got tons. In order to dress it down, put on a oversized sweater on top of it. The fancier dress, the un-fancier sweater. Like this ripped, knitted one for the super shiny UNIF Cake dress. Obviously it doesn't need to be knitted. It can be a hoodie as well. It depends on what you think suits the style of the dress the best. Jersey fabric can be cool with a velvet dress, and knits with sequins/other more sparkling things. If it's a puffy dress you might want to pick a cropped one. 

This is a perfect way to reuse your New Years dress! I need to start doing this more myself. 

Malin out.

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