21 January 2014


Outfit credits: H&M hat, Cubus moto jacket, Librastyle tee, ebay skort, UNIF Neo boots c/o Soletruck, Banggood.com fake piercings

You know, I like the idea of pastel hair more than neon, but I always feel better in neon. Long, styled, fluffy neon pink hair is what I feel the prettiest and coolest in. Got myself a can of Directions Tangerine yesterday because I thought my hair was too purple in it's shade. Usually I prefer cold shades (silver before gold anytime), but I've always had a soft spot for warm/orangey pink. So there you go. If you want this shade it's a mix of Directions Flamingo Pink and Tangerine, diluted with conditioner. 

I like and always use La Riché Directions. My local crazy-hair-dye-shop (Shock.se, I'll always love you) only carries Directions, Stargazer and Manic Panic, and I prefer the cans that Directions and MP come in, it's easier to handle when you mix and blend a lot. And since MP is more expensive (they last a little longer, but it's marginal, and is to no purpose when you change as often as I do), I usually opt for Directions. 

Also check out my awesome hipster devil tee that I got from the darlings at Librastyle! They've got some super sweet, comfy and affordable printed tees that you should check out asap! I've got another one as well that is bright red, and it's going to look wicked with this hair colour, haha. 

Malin out. 

ps. I also got a great new curling iron a while back (used in these pictures), would anyone like a review/post about that? I have no idea how much you guys care about hair-posts? It just feels like I spend so much time doing my hair (dying, styling, extensions, etc), and I've got so much tips and tricks, but I rarely write about it. feels like I should do more. Should I? ds.


  1. Yes you should, I would like to know :)