29 January 2014

Nine things you may or may not know about me

(In lack of something else and new here's throwback pictures from summer because the snow is depressing me.)

1. When I think of space and how it's larger than I could possibly ever imagine, unlike most people (seems that angst about space is pretty common) I am filled with a feeling of joy and excitement.

2. I think the taste of water is one of the most disgusting flavors there is. I absolutely hate it.

3. I was obsessed with macaws and budgies as a kid.

4. I love Ikea. Sometimes I go to Ikea just for sports.

5. I am a hard-core prude.

6. I'm afraid of being outside after dark and phobic of it when alone and in a city to an extent where I get anxiety thinking about it, and it often ruins hanging out with friends for me because I can't relax. This phobia actually stems from a fear of being attacked and raped that I've had inculcated into my brain since I was a child. And that's rape culture for you.

7. If all goes to plan I'll have a bachelor's degree in performance art design by this summer.

8. Two of my life goals are to have visited all the cities on the list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world (I've been to five so far), and to see real life wild dolphins.

9. Nine is my lucky number, which is why this is a list of nine.

Malin out. 

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