02 February 2014

Hard Out Here

Outfit credits: Estradeur denim coat c/o Nelly.com, Cubus/DIY moto vest, H&M dress and sweater, ebay bag, Carlings beanie, DinSko boots. 

Layering is the key to survive winter in sweden while staying relatively fashionable. I worn basically the same outfit two days in a row, because I want to wear my new coat, and I've kinda injured my foot and, apart from sneakers (which is not a good idea in snow) and uggs, these are basically the only shoes I can wear (Dr Martens is a no go). And the dress is so comfy. I've only switched up the sweater and accessories to fool myself into thinking it's not actually the same look. But it is. Because it's freezing and I'm lazy. I just want it to be spring and summer. 

Malin out.

ps. Sorry about the messed up layout before. I had forgotten to change the image size of the picture to my post width... Should have figured something was up when it took so long to upload them, haha. ds. 

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