06 February 2014

Picture Diary / 21 jan - 5 feb / Projects

1. My significant other and I.

2. It was a glorious moment. I miss Seth already.

3. In denial of winter I'm decorating with flowers and bright colours. 

4. My new thing is to become super awesome at making henna tattoos. This is the first "big" one I ever painted so I'd say it's going well. 

5. Malvina's super awesome iridescent shoes from TBA c/o Solestruck.

6+7. Selfie?

8+9. Hanging in Lovisa's bedroom that actually is my old bedroom from before I moved houses. If you've been around since those days you'll recognize the closet!

10. I adore terrestrial globes as interior decorations, and I got this the other day on sale. When I got home and showed it to my mom we noticed that it is highly inaccurate. But at least it's very pretty. 


Here's the thing guys: A lot of things are going down at the same time in my life right now. If you follow me on twitter (as you should, I'm hilarious and not at all annoying) you might know I'm working on my degree project (which is part thesis, part hands-on work), and I've express some mild displeasure about my current situation. This is an understatement of how I'm actually feeling about the thesis part of the project at the moment, because of various reasons that still are out of my control. And on top of this I've had some problems with my part time job, also out of my control (I lost it, then I got it back the next day, it's a long story). So in conclusion my life completely lacks structure at the moment, and the blog is what will suffer for this. I am also on an effort-hiatus (coining that term now) for few days, which basically means, no make-up or hair-products, extensions or fancy shoes (I've injured my foot, so that's the reason for that). So outfit posts will be on the low until I feel that I'm in a place where I can do good ones again. Might be a couple of days, might be a couple of weeks. It won't be like this all term. It's just for now, until I find structure. I've got some artsy projects in my head and stuff that I'm really excited about, and spring/summer is going to be really great, it just seems far away right now. 

But I'm good though. Apart from a lot of general anger caused by my current course (the degree course for my bachelor) and my university/collage I'm doing great. It's just this time of year, you know.

I'm done ranting and explaining myself now. Sorry about that. 

Malin out.

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