11 February 2014

Make my heart stop

Outfit credits: sammydress. com fluffy coat and eye+rivet+chain necklace, H&M hat, vintage tee, Dr Denim jeans, Pimkie boots, market backpack, River Island rosary necklace, ebay choker. 

Three things: 

1. Do you realise how long I've wanted a proper white fluffy coat? For like four years! I have one from Zara, but it's only half sleeved. But this, from sammydress.com, is perfect. It's so nice and soft. I love it. I will die in it. It (and the necklace, the one with the eyes, you know I love me some eyes) was super cheap as well. Like under $30 for both, including shipping to fucking Narnia, where I live. 

2. Long bobbed hair is back. This is my go to hair style when my current extensions are coming to the end of their life span. I can't use them for length anymore, just filler. I have another set of long hair on hand, but I plan to go back to silver white again soon, and I don't want to dye them any other colour. 

3. I've got a ticket to artRave! Lady Gaga will be in Stockholm on Sep 30, and so will I! Weeeooo, such excite!

Malin out. 

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