15 March 2014


Outfit credits: Nicole x Missguided double layer mini dress, Cubus moto jacket, H&M knitted sweater, Nowhere c/o Nelly.com heels, vintage sunglasses, assorted jewelry. 

In love with my pieces from the Nicole x Missguided collection. I got this dress and the faux leather crop top and I just want to wear them all the time always. And not only is the clothes awesome, so is the entire campaign with the promo shots and Nicole as a living person on this earth, and just everything. All the kudos to my ever so beloved Missguided!

Also, if you like these heels, you can get them and/or some other pairs for pretty much nothing right now at Nelly.com! Just click the link under outfit credits to get to them. 

Malin out. 


  1. Jag har aldrig riktigt fastnat för spetsiga skor med smal klack (alltig gillat chunky stuff) men det är så sjukt snyggt när det blir "rätt" typ som här! Synd att de bara fanns kvar i liten storlek till det priset... :(( jaja u look fab :))

    1. Jag är precis likadan! Vill ha platå och tjock klack i de flesta fall, men kunde inte motstå dem till det priset! ;P