23 March 2014


Just general life inspiration.

But tbh I kinda thought the video was a hot mess. I mean, it was beyond visually pleasing to watch, but I feel like the plot and theme were lacking. It was too much of everything. But you know, I adore the Lady and I'll follow her pretty much whatever path she takes, I just have really high expectations on her music videos and I feel like this could have been executed better. Each part indiviually was great (the one in th pictures being by far my fav), but I don't think they went well together. 

I'm so excited about artRave I could cry and die, guys. 30th September is way to far away. 

Malin out. 


  1. That's a shame to hear her video isn't the best. She always puts on a show and stands out from the crowd

    Love Emma xx


    1. haha, I still kinda think it's the best of the most recent music videos out though, and it's one hell of a show! Just not as good as it could have been.

  2. Too bad this video wasn't the best. I hope her next one will be better! But I still like her style. This girl has her own style and she dares! :)

    x Dawn

    1. There were segments in this one though that were completely outstanding, in my opinion (the scenes from the pictures I posted for example). I just feel like she tried a little too hard and wanted it to be too much, and crammed all the things into it, and forgot that sometimes less is more. I still absolutely loved it, though, but I love her to no end and I'm hardly impartial ;P