30 April 2014

20 billion

Outfit credits: Sheinside tee, Famous Ape snapback and vintage jacket, Fabulous c/o Lager 157 jeans, Nelly.com spiked loafers.

28 April 2014

Behind the Scenes

Some behind the scenes pics from a photoshoot I did the other day with Cicci H and Malvina. Real photos coming soon!

26 April 2014

Picture Diary / 18 - 25 April / Swamped

1. I cleaned EVERYTHING over easter. And also did ALL the laundry. And mowed the lawn and cleared out in the flower beds in the garden. When I didn't clean I took selfies.

2. Whoop.

3. Got myself another Unif tee when they had free shipping over the easter weekend.

4. Cicci and I.

5. Also check out Cicci's lookbook!

Malin out.

ps. Still drowning in things I have to do. It'll clear up soon! ds.

24 April 2014

I said baby, I do this, I thought that you knew this

Hi. Just a general life update. I've been crazy busy over the past few days. Somewhere along the line it appears I found the time to bleach my roots (so my hair is now white+pale pink), start in season seven of Stargate SG-1 and get into Iggy Azalea and her debut album The New Classic. My bachelors thesis is due in two weeks (give or take), so as you can imagine I am also pretty swamped with writing and feeling the angst. But there's also good things coming. Stay tuned and bear with me. 

Malin out. 

21 April 2014

drop it

Outfit credits: New Look denim jacket, H&M hoodie and crop, Missguided trousers, Nelly.com studded loafers, famous ape sunnies, assorted jewelry. 

19 April 2014

Can't you taste this gold?

Outfit credits: H&M hoodie, Front Row Shop mesh top, Bikbok maxi skirt, Famous Ape sunnies, ebay bag, vintage denim jacket, assorted jewelry.

17 April 2014

Picture Diary / 10-17 April / A bunch of selfies and also Stargate

1. At the gallery in my beloved coat from Sheinside.

2. Getting my tattoo (I'll show you properly soon)! Not asleep, and not in pain, just... kinda bored, tbh.

3. ...

4. Hair just dyed. 

6. They all looked super fancy and not at all casual in all black and I loved it.

7. New tee, also from Sheinside (get here). And you can see a little bit of my tattoo!

Malin out.

ps. These "picture diary"-posts are originally all from my instagram, in case you didn't figure. Follow me! ds. 

15 April 2014

Front Row

Outfit credits: Cubus moto jacket, Front Row Shop hooded maxi dress, ebay bag and creepers, Famous Ape sunnies, assorted jewelry. 

In love with this dress from Front Row Shop. It's like  fashionable sweatpants for your entire body. And it has pockets!

Malin out

ps. Yes, I had a moment of weakness and dyed my hair pink again. It'll be gone again soon. ds.

12 April 2014


Outfit credits: Sheinside coat, Lager 157/DIY trashed sweater, Fabulous c/o Lager 157 jeans, ebay heels and sunnies, assorted jewelry.

I went to the movies with my dear ol' mom a couple of days ago to see the Grand Budapest Hotel. It was glorious. For a performance art design student like me it was heaven to watch. Say what you want about story and plot, even if it had sucked (which it absolutely did not), it would still have been worth it, because artistically it is a true masterpiece.

Malin out.

11 April 2014

In lack of a better word

Outfit credits: Monki denim jacket and maxi skirt, Gina Tricot sweater, Bikbok belt, H&M bag, UNIF Neo boots, vintage sunnies, Alexandra in cross necklace, etsy/DIY moon necklace, ebay choker. 

I got a new tattoo today (whaaaat). Or rather, I kinda got two, but one is so very tiny it hardly counts as one. I just didn't fancy doing it in a sitting on it's own so I threw it in today as well. You'll see what I mean when it has healed some and I can post a proper picture. Thinking about doing a "my tattoos" post, would you like that?

Malin out. 

10 April 2014


These are all from early 2011. Didn't even remember my hair was once like this without any extensions.  I want this length and even thickness again. Minus the shorter fringe.

Malin out.

05 April 2014

We were cold and we were clear

Outfit credits: Bikbok sweater, H&M hat, Gina Tricot maxi skirt, vintage sunnies, Alexandra Inn sunglasses chain and cross earring, Nelly.com platform boots

04 April 2014

Picture Diary / 22 March - 3 April / fffashion!

1. Malvina and I being meta at the gallery.

2. My beloved. 

3. Selfie hello

4. Selfie hellooo (yes, I wear that shirt all the time always)

5. Unif don't skate.

6. Sara and Lollo being casual as fuck. 

7. Greatest iPhone case ever. Custom made at Photobox.se.

8. Unif posted my pic on their instagram (and tumblr, because I submitted). I almost cried. 

9. Best boots ever from Nelly.com. Like really. They're as great as they look. Inexpensive, comfortable and super awesome looking. Just enough heel to make it look like "high" heels, but still feel like flats. And they look very similar to the Jeffrey Campbell Mulder boot (but lower, obviously). Get them here.

Malin out.

ps. Check out this amazing post about me at Stylehoney.com. I absolutely love it and I sincerely hope this is how all of you perceive me! ds.