04 April 2014

Picture Diary / 22 March - 3 April / fffashion!

1. Malvina and I being meta at the gallery.

2. My beloved. 

3. Selfie hello

4. Selfie hellooo (yes, I wear that shirt all the time always)

5. Unif don't skate.

6. Sara and Lollo being casual as fuck. 

7. Greatest iPhone case ever. Custom made at Photobox.se.

8. Unif posted my pic on their instagram (and tumblr, because I submitted). I almost cried. 

9. Best boots ever from Nelly.com. Like really. They're as great as they look. Inexpensive, comfortable and super awesome looking. Just enough heel to make it look like "high" heels, but still feel like flats. And they look very similar to the Jeffrey Campbell Mulder boot (but lower, obviously). Get them here.

Malin out.

ps. Check out this amazing post about me at Stylehoney.com. I absolutely love it and I sincerely hope this is how all of you perceive me! ds.


  1. Love this post, it's great to look into what bloggers do other than blog. You have amazing style!

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    Love Emma xx


  2. Very nice diary! Loving it!

    x Dawn

  3. omg so cool UNIF posted your photo - i'm not surprised though! you look great! :)