01 April 2014


Outfit credits: H&M hat and fluffy jacket, UNIF c/o Dollskill Nightmare Swirl tee and Shadys sunnies, Gina Tricot sheer maxi skirt, vintage boots.


  1. du är så snygg så jag typ, dör

  2. very cool look and I like the trippy t shirt!


  3. Do you really live so poorly in Sweden...?
    A girl from Russia

    1. No, quite the opposite, there's nothing poorly about where I live. My house is just very old, and partly poorly maintained. You have to understand that you only see what I choose to show you, of any aspect of my life, as well as of where I live. I simply like the more raggedy parts of the house better for photos :)

    2. Oh, I see ) That's the only the difference in the cultures, in our attitude. It's just that..you know..here, people don't like to show that they have something old, really. Especially when we touch upon the dwelling. Old houses usually mean poverty this or that way:( Russians do prefer anything new to old things. Sometimes, it is well explained but sometimes not. There are people who choose ugly but new clothes, for example, but there are others too: those, who prefer old things of good quality even if they look a bit shabby. I think the second is better, of course. Moreover, we can't always buy-buy-buy and build-build-build. It can cost us a lot/ I mean the ecological side of the story.
      The girl from Russia